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Welcome to the Post-Email Enterprise: what Skype Teams means in a Slack-Leaning World - Gigaom

Work technology vendors very commonly — for decades — have suggested that their shiny brand-new tools will deliver us from the tyranny of email. Today, we hear it from all sorts of tool vendors: work management tools, like Asana, Wrike, and Trello ...and more »

Microsoft to slap Slack with Skype – reports - The Register

A report – and a job ad – have popped up suggesting that in the wake of its aborted multi-billion-dollar Slack acquisition, Microsoft's gearing up to roll Slack-like capabilities into Skype. News that Skype will slack off broke at MS Power User. While ...and more »

Exclusive: Microsoft working on Skype Teams, its own Slack competitor -

Editor's Note: Skype Teams will likely get renamed to “Microsoft Teams”, and it's set to launch on November 2, 2016. It was recently reported that Microsoft wanted to buy Slack for $8 billion. Slack, for those unfamiliar, is a messaging app for teams ...and more »

After Bill Gates Passed on Buying Slack, Microsoft Plans to Launch a Rival Tool -

Gates' argument was that Microsoft would be better served taking Skype, which it bought for $8.5 billion in 2011, and using it as the launchpad for a Slack competitor. Now, it looks like Microsoft took Gates' feedback to heart: Microsoft-focused blog ...and more »

Microsoft Developing Skype Teams To Challenge Slack: Bill Gates Gave The Right Advice - Tech Times

Microsoft is reportedly working on Skype Teams, which would be the company's version of a collaborative messaging app that would challenge Slack. The move to compete in the collaborative software market comes months after Microsoft dropped the idea of ...and more »

Microsoft may have finally found its Slack killer - PCWorld

Despite a varied portfolio of collaboration services, Microsoft is still struggling to field a strong competitor to enterprise group messaging apps like Slack and HipChat. It has SharePoint, Skype for Business and Yammer, but none of them is really a ...and more »

Microsoft to beef up Skype's team collaboration capabilities to take on Slack - ZDNet

Microsoft is working on a new addition to its Skype product family, known as Skype Teams. skypeteamslogin.jpg., which first reported the existence of Skype Teams, calls it Microsoft's "direct Slack competitor", citing "people familiar ...and more »

Skype Teams emerges as Microsoft's answer to team-based chat tool Slack - Digital Trends

Although Microsoft actually considered purchasing team messaging app Slack for a hefty $8 billion earlier this year, the company reportedly moved on to build its own solution for team-based chats based on Skype instead. That service has now emerged in ...and more »

Microsoft is allegedly creating a Slack competitor - Mashable

That seems to be Microsoft's motto, since recent reports from MSPowerUser speculate that the company is working on creating a Slack competitor — with the help of Skype, of course. SEE ALSO: HipChat beats Slack to the punch of providing its own one-tap ...and more »

Microsoft might launch a Slack-like app called Skype Teams -

Microsoft owns Skype, and it doesn't like that Slack is currently dominating in the messaging software space for large teams, so the company is reportedly getting ready to do something about it. According to MSPowerUser, Microsoft is developing a new ...and more »