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Putin, Responding to Sanctions, Orders US to Cut Diplomatic Staff by 755 - New York Times

MOSCOW — President Vladimir V. Putin announced Sunday that the American diplomatic mission in Russia must reduce its staff by 755 employees, an aggressive response to new American sanctions that seemed ripped right from the Cold War playbook ...and more »

Vladimir Putin to America: You've Let Me Down - The Atlantic

Sunday night, Vladimir Putin went on national television and explained his decision to slice American diplomatic staff in Russia by two-thirds. He was retaliating for Barack Obama's December expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats, as well as newly passed ...and more »

It looks like it's all falling apart between Trump and Putin – but there are reasons to be optimistic - The Independent

So dominated has Washington politics been by the frenzy over Russia's supposed interference in the US election, that is easy to neglect another, perhaps more important, Trump-Russia question. What, if anything, is actually happening in relations ...and more »

Russian propaganda has flooded US airwaves. How about some reciprocity? - Washington Post

PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN is a fresh convert to the principle of reciprocity in his dealings with the United States. He ought to take it a step further. On Friday, the Russian leader, irked at a sanctions bill that sailed through Congress, confiscated ...and more »

Putin's Bet on a Trump Presidency Backfires Spectacularly - New York Times

A little more than a year after the Russian effort to interfere in the American presidential election came to light, the diplomatic fallout — an unraveling of the relationship between Moscow and Washington on a scale not seen in decades — is taking ...and more »

Why Trump must stop being Trump to survive - The Conversation CA

Donald Trump's supporters have a new rallying cry in defence of the American president: “Let Trump be Trump!” I am a U.S.-born linguist, an expert in Caucasian languages and also politics, and someone who advised the Bill Clinton White House on Russia ...and more »

Businessman Paints Terrifying And Complex Picture Of Putin's Russia - NPR

William Browder knows Vladimir Putin's Russia all too well. Browder made a fortune in Russia, in the process uncovering, he says, incredible amounts of fraud and corruption. When he tried to report it to authorities, the government kicked him out of ...and more »

Trump to Sign Russia Sanctions Bill, White House Says - New York Times

WASHINGTON — The White House said on Friday night that President Trump would sign legislation imposing sweeping sanctions against Russia and curtailing his own power to lift them by himself, bowing to the near-universal bipartisan will of Congress at ...and more »

Putin is in a corner, trying not to look weak - CNN

Mark Galeotti is a senior researcher at UMV, the Institute of International Relations Prague, and coordinator of its Centre for European Security. He is a specialist on Russian security affairs, intelligence and organized crime, and is also principal ...and more »

Congress has tied Trump's hands on Russian sanctions - Vox

President Donald Trump will sign a bill imposing sanctions against Russia, the White House announced Friday night. The legislation enshrines into law sanctions that the Obama White House placed on the country for meddling in the 2016 presidential ...and more »