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'Saban's Power Rangers' needs more zip — and focus: movie review - New York Daily News

It's been 22 years since the Power Rangers last morphed on the silver screen. In the new reboot that manages to be both slow-moving and action-packed, it takes almost that long for five teenagers to transform into their mighty selves, armor and all ...and more »

Green Ranger Revealed in Power Rangers 2 Teaser - MovieWeb

Some fans may already be heading to their local theaters tonight, to catch sneak preview screenings of the highly-anticipated Power Rangers, before it opens nationwide this Friday. It was confirmed last week by director Dean Israelite that this action ...and more »

Power Rangers Is Exactly as Silly as It's Supposed to Be - The Atlantic

It's hard to say what's more indicative of Hollywood's franchise-happy, nostalgia-centric present—the fact that there's a new Power Rangers movie in theaters with a budget of over $100 million, or the fact that it's pretty good. It seems that studios ...and more »

'Power Rangers' review: New movie like The Breakfast Club with superpowers - Toronto Sun

How do you approach a big-screen reboot of a superhero franchise like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, whose original '90s audience was barely in grade school at the time? Simple. You grow up with that audience and give it the CW treatment. Fewer Zords ...and more »

'Power Rangers' Movie Features A Gay Yellow Ranger Named Trini - The Inquisitr

The new Power Rangers movie tackles quite a few issues, but homophobia stands at the forefront. Ever since Lionsgate announced that the yellow Power Ranger, Trini, is gay, the 2017 film has been getting both praise and criticism from fans. While the ...and more »

Movie review: 'Power Rangers' is more goofy than gritty - The Missoulian

Back in the '90s, you probably knew them as "Mighty Morphin," and these days they take the pre-fix "Saban's," but we all know them best as simply the "Power Rangers." Executive producer Haim Saban discovered the "Super Sentai" series on Japanese ...and more »

'Beauty and the Beast' to Repeat at #1 Over 'Power Rangers', 'Life' and 'CHiPs' - Box Office Mojo

SATURDAY AM UPDATE: Disney's Beauty and the Beast is looking at a monster second weekend, appearing as if it might outperform even the most optimistic expectations after it brought in an estimated $23.6 million on Friday. Disney is estimating a ...and more »

Power Rangers film would've been better as a CW series - Ars Technica

If you think Marvel and DC superheroes receive too many reboots, you clearly haven't kept tabs on the Power Rangers TV series. What began as an excuse to reuse costumed-battling footage from the Japanese show Super Sentai has spawned 24 ...and more »

Review: 'Saban's Power Rangers,' With a Color-Coded Makeover - New York Times

“Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi!,” says Alpha 5, the robot sidekick to Zordon, in “Saban's Power Rangers,” uttering his signature exclamation. Alpha 5 (voiced by Bill Hader) is not the only holdover in this slick repackaging of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” the ...and more »

What a onetime 'Power Rangers' fan turned film critic says about the new movie - Los Angeles Times

In a world where the superhero blockbuster franchise reigns supreme, there are really only two kinds of moviegoers: those who greet the post-credits stinger with gasps of recognition and delight and those who endure it in ignorant, resentful silence.and more »