Scientists create lotion that makes wrinkles invisible temporarily - CNN

(CNN) There are countless lotions and potions that promise youthful skin. Now there's something that may make the wrinkles under your eyes disappear instantly. It isn't magic, it's chemical engineering. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of ...and more »

'Second Skin' May Reduce Wrinkles, Eyebags, Scientists Say - New York Times

A photo published in Nature Materials accompanying research reporting early studies on a chemically manufactured second skin. Credit Olivo Laboratories. The idea sounds like fantasy: an invisible film that can be painted on your skin and give it the ...and more »

Spanx for the Face: A Polymer Rejuvenates Aging Skin - Scientific American (blog)

As we get older, a pad of fat under the lower lid of the eye begins to protrude. The physiological shift is colloquially (and much more descriptively) known simply as an "eye bag."—something a lot of people wish would simply go away. MIT's prolific ...and more »

Scientists develop "second skin" to smooth wrinkles - CBS News

MIT researchers may have discovered a fountain of youth for skin -- at least a very temporary one. The researchers have developed a "second skin" that could be used to smooth wrinkles, protect skin from damage, or administer medications to treat skin ...and more »

Thin, invisible 'second skin' could treat eczema and hide wrinkles - Washington Post

Even if you try to love the skin you're in, chances are that you'd make a few tweaks if you could. But what if instead of plastic surgery or questionable cosmetic potions, you could slather on a second skin that eliminated some of those imperfections ...and more »

Scientists make 'second skin' to hide wrinkles - BBC News

Scientists claim to have developed an invisible elastic film that can be applied to the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and eye bags. Once applied, the formula dries to form a film that "mimics the properties of youthful skin", Nature ...and more »

For younger-looking skin, try a pinch of platinum - The Biological SCENE

Polymer scientists are putting a fresh face on skin care with an elastic “second skin” that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and bags under the eyes. The material, developed by MIT chemical engineering professor Robert Langer and coworkers, might ...and more »

New material temporarily tightens skin - MIT News

“Second skin” polymer could also be used to protect dry skin and deliver drugs. Watch Video. Anne Trafton | MIT News Office May 9, 2016. Press Inquiries Share. Press Contact. Sarah McDonnell. Email: Phone: 617-253-8923. MIT News ...and more »

End of eye-bags and wrinkles? Invisible 'second skin' which restores youthful complexion, developed by MIT -

Skin slackening, deep facial lines and dark circles need no longer be an inevitable part of the ageing process after scientists invented a wearable 'second skin' which restores a youthful complexion. The material is applied to the face daily like any ...and more »

MIT, Mass General Develop Second Skin to Treat Eye Bags, Other Signs of Aging - (blog)

Research collaborators at MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital have come up with a special material that can act as a “second skin” to impart a youthful nature to aging skin and may be used as a wound dressing or even act as a drug delivery vehicle.and more »