Pharmacists key to tackling India's growing TB burden - SciDev.Net

[BANGALORE] India's tuberculosis burden may be more than twice the 1.56 million patients recorded in its official surveillance system, according to studies released on 25 August. India's private healthcare sector may have treated around 2.2 million TB ...and more »

Without Success in India, We'll Never Control Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Anywhere - Forbes

Two newly released studies from India make the global fight against antibiotic resistance and drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) feel even more daunting. India is critical to the control of TB and other antibiotic resistance, as it is both the largest ...and more »

Private sector bears higher TB burden: Study - The Hindu

A study has found that in 2014 there were 2.2 million TB patients treated in India's private sector alone. This is 2-3 times higher than current estimates. In all probability, the higher TB burden in the private sector might still be an underestimation ...and more »

Simulated patient study sheds new light on antibiotic use in India - McGill Newsroom

As a result of the overuse or misuse of antibiotics, antimicrobial resistant superbugs represent an extraordinary threat to global health. This threat is particularly great in India, the world's largest consumer of antibiotics and the country facing ...and more »

Number of TB cases in India is double current estimates, says new study - Imperial College London

The number of cases of tuberculosis (TB) in India may be up to two to three times higher than current estimates, suggests a new study. The research team, comprising researchers from Imperial College London, the Government of India's Revised National TB ...and more »

No. of India's TB patients may be double the estimate: Lancet - Times of India

MUMBAI: India's tuberculosis nightmare could be much worse than feared. A new study analysing the sale of anti-TB medicines across India has estimated that there could be two times more drug-sensitive TB patients than currently assumed. While it was ...and more »

Overuse of antibiotics harming India's fight against TB: The Lancet - Zee News

Toronto: India, which is facing the highest burden of tuberculosis (TB) in the world, is also the world's largest consumer of antibiotics, say researchers of Indian-origin in a study, conducted to determine whether pharmacies have contributed to the ...and more »

Pharmacies not likely cause of TB drug resistance - The Hindu

Most pharmacies in Delhi, Mumbai and Patna found to be liberally dispensing antibiotics to TB patients even without a prescription. But none of them handed out first-line anti-TB drugs. For a while now, the medical community has been blaming pharmacies ...and more »

TB patients in India could be much higher: Study - Daily News & Analysis

The study claims that up to 22 lakh patients may have sought treatment with private doctors in 2014, spending upto Rs 395 crore as out-of-pocket expenses. Number of patients suffering from tuberculosis in India could be much more than those previously ...and more »

India may have a million more tuberculosis patients than we estimated -

A new study indicated that there are 2.2 million tuberculosis patients being treated in the private sector alone. Nayantara Narayanan. Published Aug 25, 2016. India may have a million more tuberculosis patients than we estimated. Aug 25, 2016 ...and more »