Super Mario Run review -

The brilliance of Super Mario has always been found in the portly plumber's moves. The candy-coated levels he bounds through are built around his ebullient acrobatics; flips and wall-jumps, dashes and slides. There is a precision afforded to the player ...and more »

Super Mario Run: Old favourite rocks in a new avatar - Business Standard

One of the highlights of Apple's iPhone 7 launch was Super Mario Run. Yes, our favourite (and probably earliest) video game friend was coming to the phone and I wasted no time in downloading it on my iPhone as soon as it was released last week.and more »

Super Mario Run No Longer Highest Grossing App in Any Nation - Bloomberg

The initial excitement surrounding Nintendo Co.'s debut mobile game, Super Mario Run, appears to wearing off. The title, released on Dec. 15 for Apple Inc. devices, was no longer the highest-grossing iOS application in any country for Dec. 24 and 25 ...and more »

Game review: Super Mario Run – Nintendo takes a leap of faith with fans, but mobile launch doesn't quite pay off - South China Morning Post

A craving to play a Mario game has gripped me many times in recent years, but I've always been forced to download a cheap knock-off from the Android store. It has taken Nintendo a long time to work out that smartphones are the perfect setting for their ...and more »

Nintendo to release two or three mobile games ever year - Daily News & Analysis

Following the success of Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run, Nintendo has announced its plans to release at least two or three mobile games each year. Tatsumi Kimishima, the president of Nintendo told Japan's Kyoto NP that the company is planning to ...and more »

Super Mario Run's not-so-super gender politics - THE BUSINESS TIMES

Game rife with stale, retrograde gender stereotypes - elements expected in 1985 but that today are just embarrassing. Saturday, December 24, 2016 - 05:50. by. Chris Suellentrop. BT_20161224_JHMARIO24_2660957.jpg. "Super Mario Run relegates its ...and more »

Super Mario Run is already slowing down - Business Insider

Nintendo's much-anticipated mobile game, Super Mario Run, could already be running out of customers willing to pay the $10 fee for full access, according to Slice Intelligence cited by TechCrunch. Despite accounting for almost 30% of total revenue in ...and more »

Despite mixed reception, Super Mario Run likely to be 'hugely profitable' for Nintendo -

Super Mario Run, the much-awaited debut of Nintendo's mascot on smartphones, blew away most expectations when it launched on the App Store. The 127-year-old company — which originally sold playing cards and children's toys before making video ...and more »

'Super Mario Run' Survey Asks iOS Users About The Cost And A Potential Sequel, Following Controversial $9.99 Pricing - Tech Times

Nintendo has just sent out a survey with questions that could address the controversy of the steep price players need to pay to unlock the "Super Mario Run" full game as well as the possibility of a game sequel. ( Nintendo | Apple App Store ...and more »

After Super Mario Run, Nintendo plans 2 or 3 new mobile games per year - TechCrunch

Super Mario Run may have its detractors, but it's also managed to rack up nearly 10 million downloads per day in its App Store debut, officially topping 50 million downloads as of Friday. Those numbers, combined with its early revenue generating power, ...and more »