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Terry Crews is cool with not voicing Doomfist in 'Overwatch' - Mashable

You might've been disappointed to hear that Terry Crews would not voice the latest Overwatch character, Doomfist, but Terry Crews himself wasn't. Rumors that Crews would be the voice actor for the newest hero started swirling last year. The actor's ...and more »

Overwatch's new hero, Doomfist, arrives next week on all platforms -

UPDATE 27/07/2017 8pm: Doomfist is now live! Go forth and punch things! ORIGINAL STORY 18/07/2017 11.28pm: Overwatch's next free character, Doomfist, will arrive 27th July on all platforms. 1. So far he's only been part of the PC version's Public Test ...and more »

Doomfist is here for the punching on July 27th - Engadget

Doomfist is the most anticipated new character to hit Overwatch since the game landed one year ago, and players finally know when they can get their hands on him: July 27th. Doomfist is the fourth addition to the roster, but he's been in the game's ...and more »

Doomfist Comic 'Masquerade': New 'Overwatch' comic introduces villains Maximilien and Vialli - Mic

The official release of Doomfist on the live Overwatch servers is still a few days away, but Blizzard just released a brand-new Doomfist-centric comic titled “Masquerade” on its website. In addition to showing Doomfist's rise to power within the ...and more »

Doomfist will join Overwatch live servers on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 27 July - International Business Times UK

Anticipated new Overwatch hero Doomfist will join the Blizzard game's live servers on PS4, Xbox One and PC next Thursday (27 July) after a three week testing period in the game's public test realm (PTR) server on PC. Doomfist is Overwatch's 25th ...and more »

'Overwatch' Doomfist: Terry Crews didn't want to “hijack” game — still wants to work with Blizzard - Mic

Now that Blizzard has officially unveiled its vision for the long-rumored Overwatch character Doomfist, Terry Crews — who fans hoped would lend his voice to the character — is speaking out about all those rumors.and more »

Terry Crews on Doomfist, Battlefield 1 with Snoop Dogg, and building high-end PCs - PC Gamer

Unless you've had your head buried under a protein shake for the last couple of decades, you'll know Terry Crews. You might know the Hollywood actor as Latrelle from the 2004 Wayans Brothers movie White Chicks, Julius from TV series Everybody Hates ...and more »

Terry Crews likes PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds more than you - PC Gamer

Since its Early Access launch in March, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has gone from strength to strength—showering players with updates and watching its player count skyrocket along the way. One such player who's taken to its bloodthirsty war zones is ...and more »

Overwatch's New Hero Doomfist Will be Playable on July 27 - NDTV

The latest addition to the Overwatch roster of heroes, Doomfist will be playable for all from July 27. While you can play as Doomfist in Blizzard's PTR (public test realm/region) on PC, he's not available for the PS4 or Xbox One just yet. This will ...and more »

Doomfist and Widowmaker team-up in excellent new Overwatch comic - Next Impulse Sports

Doomfist is coming to Overwatch in just over a week. Before his release, Blizzard has dropped a new comic detailing the newest characters background with the evil anti-Overwatch Talon group. MASQUERADE: Following his return, Doomfist takes ...and more »