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Two Die at Indian Bull-Taming Event, Protesters Clash With Police - Wall Street Journal (blog)

An Indian bull tamer is run over by a bull during a Jallikattu event in Palamedu, 359 miles south of Chennai, India. Photo: Arun Sankar K./Associated Press. By. Karan Deep Singh. Karan Deep Singh. The Wall Street Journal. BiographyKaran Deep Singh ...and more »

Full text of Tamil Nadu govt ordinance allowing conduct of jallikattu - The Hindu

An Ordinance to amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 so as to preserve the cultural heritage of the State of Tamil Nadu and to ensure the survival and wellbeing of the Native breed of bulls. WHEREAS Whereas the Legislative Assembly of ...and more »

Jallikattu: ethics versus entrenched traditions - The Hindu

The protest for the traditional bull-taming sport have been loud and widespread. But how many of these voices truly evaluated the issue before taking to the streets? A lot of people are siding with or against the Jallikattu protests with little ...and more »

How The Leaderless Jallikattu Protests At Chennai's Marina Beach Came Undone - Huffington Post India

Indian police try to control a protest against the ban on the Jallikattu bull taming ritual at Marina Beach. A little after 5 pm on Monday, more than twenty lawyers of the Madras High court trekked to the end of the beach where 2000-odd protesters ...and more »

2 dead, 129 injured during jallikattu in Tamil Nadu - Times of India

TRICHY: Two bull tamers died and 129 others suffered injuries during a jallikattu event at Rapoosal village in Tamil Nadu's Pudukkottai district on Sunday. The deceased have been identified as Raja, 26, and Mohan, 25, both of whom were from Rapoosal ...and more »

Viral Video Allegedly Shows Policeman In Chennai Setting Fire To An Auto During Jallikattu Protests - Huffington Post India

A day after Chennai witnessed peaceful protests on Jallikattu turning violent, a video has emerged that purportedly shows policemen committing arson. Tweeted several times, the video shows a police constable inserting a bundle of burning newspapers ...and more »

Leadership failure: Peaceful movement for jallikattu didn't have to erupt in bloody clashes after achieving goal - Times of India (blog)

The jallikattu protest has finally drawn blood. After remaining peaceful and apolitical for six days, the movement with Chennai's Marina beach as its epicentre turned violent on Monday. At least 60 people, half of them policemen, were injured in ...and more »

Jallikattu: New Tamil Nadu bill backs India bullfights - BBC News

The southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu has passed a new bill to allow a controversial bull-taming festival. The vote comes after days of protests in support of the sport, known as jallikattu. On Monday, protesters set several vehicles on fire and ...and more »

The end of a protest - The Hindu

Everybody loves a good protest — an orderly, self-limiting protest at iconic landmarks organised with state sanction and police protection. But what began as a people's protest on Chennai's Marina beach against the ban on jallikattu quickly descended ...and more »

Jallikattu Protests Block Major Roads, Flyovers In Chennai: 10 Updates - NDTV

Chennai: Jallikattu protests blocked several roads on Monday in Chennai, including its IT corridor, as protesters forced out of the Marina Beach clashed with the police in various parts of the city. After peaceful protests since Tuesday in support of ...and more »