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Beyond military action, the world is running out of options for dealing with North Korea -

China has the leverage to force North Korea to change its ways. It must use it fast Credit: Nicolas Asfouri/AFP. The UN Security Council has been meeting again to consider what to do about the latest North Korean missile test, this time directed over ...and more »

North Korea missile: How long has Japan got to defend itself? - BBC News

How long do people in Japan have to react to a North Korean missile launch? Virtually no time at all. The latest North Korean missile was launched at 06:57 Japan time, according to Japan's defence ministry. Citizens received a text message alert from ...and more »

As it launches another missile, we must realise there are no easy options for dealing with North Korea - The Conversation AU

North Korea launches another missile – its 18th for the year and 80th since Kim Jong-un assumed power in 2011. This time it travels over Japan itself. The “international community” expresses outrage. Australia echoes these imprecations – at a distance ...and more »

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un says missile test over Japan is 'first step to containing Guam' - The Independent

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has called the country's latest missile test over Japan “a meaningful prelude to containing Guam” and said his country should conduct more missile tests into the Pacific Ocean, maintaining his country's defiant posture ...and more »

North Korea: Why doesn't Japan shoot Pyongyang's missiles down? - The Independent

North Korea's increasingly frequent missile tests have prompted calls for the US, Japan or South Korea to use the weaponry at their disposal to shoot the projectiles down. In July, after a previous test, retired US Air Force general Chuck Wald struck a ...and more »

North Korea launches missile over northern Japan - The Independent

North Korea has test fired a missile over Japan in an unprecedented act that is likely to further enflame tensions in the region, Japan's government has confirmed. It is the latest act of provocation by the communist state since it fired missiles into ...and more »

North Korea's missile test over Japan an 'unprecedented, serious and grave threat', says Tokyo - The Independent

North Korea's missile test over Japan is an “unprecedented, serious and grave threat” to the east Asian archipelago, the country's government has said. Yoshihide Suga, Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary, made the comments after a missile soared over the ...and more »

Can the world live with a nuclear North Korea? - BBC News

This is, by any standards, the most provocative of North Korea's recent missile tests. Launching a rocket over Japanese territory - with at least the possibility that it could break up and deposit debris on Japanese soil - shows that Pyongyang is ...and more »

How Kim rules: What the North Korean leader's unexpected directions for his country mean for the US - Christian Science Monitor

After his nearly six years in power, it's clear there are some significant differences between Kim Jong-un and his forebears, and that he is exhibiting a ruling style that has evolved in unexpected ways. A photo released by the North Korean government ...and more »

What would nuclear war with North Korea look like? -

If Kim Jong-Un launches a missile, it'd take only 40 minutes to reach Manhattan—and the death toll would be in the hundreds of thousands. Aaron Hutchins. August 29, 2017. Twitter · Facebook · Reddit · Email. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reacts ...and more »