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Theresa May doesn't like karaoke – here's some tunes she should try - Verdict

While she might be a shrewd politician and keen negotiator, Theresa May's trip to Japan hit a stumbling block yesterday when she revealed she doesn't enjoy Japan's favourite past-time: karaoke. The PM is currently overseas on a charm-offensive. She's ...and more »

Theresa May admits she's 'not a great fan' of karaoke while in Japan - the country of its birth -

Karaoke virgin Theresa May revealed she has never been tempted by the popular Japanese singalong craze – despite boasting of her love for the nation's culture. Speaking to journalists, she drily referred to her reputation for seriousness, admitting: “I ...and more »

Only sing when you're winning? May says she has never done karaoke - The Guardian

UK prime minister commits minor faux pas on visit to Japan, where she admits that she is no fan of the country's beloved pastime. Peter Walker in Tokyo. @peterwalker99. Thu 31 Aug 2017 17.00 EDT Last modified on Mon 27 Nov 2017 12.41 EST. Share on ...and more »

Theresa May's never done karaoke. Here are five songs to get her started - The Guardian

The prime minister's confession may have shocked her Japanese audience, but it's not too late to get up to speed with some Brexit-appropriate classics. Fri 1 Sep 2017 05.41 EDT Last modified on Wed 14 Feb 2018 10.33 EST. Share on Facebook · Share on ...and more »

'I've never done karaoke', Theresa May admits in latest 'confession' - Evening Standard

Theresa May has confessed she has never taken part in the popular Japanese pastime of karaoke. The Prime Minister made the admission during a visit to the far-east country when asked by reporters which song she favours with a karaoke microphone in hand ...and more »

I have never tried karaoke, admits Abba-fan Theresa May - The Times

She has gamely taken part in a tea ceremony, eaten the entrails of sea cucumbers and even attempted a few halting words of Japanese but Theresa May drew a line at one piece of local culture. “Look I've got a confession to make, which might be a shock ...and more »

Theresa May admits she has never sung karaoke – in a snub to her Japanese hosts - The Sun

THERESA MAY has admitted she has never sung karaoke - in a snub to her hosts Japan. Despite declaring her love of Japanese culture during her visit to the Far East, the PM was forced to confess she had never partaken in the much loved national pastime ...and more »