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Tesla hires Apple's creator of Swift as new VP of Autopilot Software - TechCrunch

Tesla has a new vice president heading up Autopilot efforts — Chris Lattner, whose departure from Apple was reported only earlier today. Lattner worked at Apple for 11 years, where his chief contribution was creating Swift, Apple's most recent ...and more »

Apple Open Source Programming Guru To Leave Company - Fortune

A top director in charge of Apple's premier coding language is leaving at the end of the month. Chris Lattner, Apple's senior director of its developer tools department, said Tuesday that he is leaving Apple to “pursue an opportunity in another space ...and more »

Tesla steals top Apple coder for its Autopilot team - BGR

Chris Lattner isn't a familiar name to most people who follow Apple news, but he's definitely an Apple star — or he was an Apple star, as he announced on Tuesday that he's leaving the company to pursue a different opportunity. Tesla was then quick the ...and more »

Damn, Apple Is Losing A Lot Of People To Tesla - Gizmodo Australia

On Tuesday, Tesla announced that it had hired Chris Lattner as its new Vice President of Autopilot Software. Lattner was at Apple for more than 11 years, most recently serving as its senior director of developer tools. Lattner is the creator of the ...and more »

Tesla's big hire may mean more competition for Apple and Google - Business Insider

BII This is a complimentary article from BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium subscription service for business professionals.Learn More >>. Does Tesla want to develop a connected-car platform to challenge Apple CarPlay and Google's Android Auto ...and more »

Tesla nabs another Apple employee — this time, it's one of the key designers on the Mac team - Business Insider

Apple One of the key designers behind some of Apple's most daring Mac products in the past few years has moved to Tesla to work on electric cars. Matt Casebolt, who had worked on the Mac Pro and the new MacBook as a director of product design at Apple ...and more »

The guy who created one of Apple's most beloved technologies is leaving Apple - Business Insider

Chris Lattner, the inventor of Apple's relatively new programming language called Swift, is leaving Apple, he announced on the Swift mailing list on Tuesday as spotted by MacStories' John Voorhees. Lattner didn't at first give a reason for his exit ...and more »

Tesla hires key designer behind Apple's new MacBook Pro - Engadget

Apple's Swift language architect isn't its only high-profile team member to have jumped ship for Tesla in recent memory. The 9to5Mac team has discovered that Matt Casebolt, a product design director for Apple, left the company in December to become a ...and more »

Apple's Mac Pro, Touch Bar MacBook and original Air designer, Matt Casebolt, will now be designing Teslas - 9 to 5 Mac

(Also on Electrek). Chris Lattner isn't the only high profile Apple executive who departed for Tesla over the past month, rather than sticking around to work on Titan. 9to5mac has learned that Matt Casebolt, a high profile Senior Director of Design for ...and more »

Tesla recruits Apple veteran to run its Autopilot car software - Financial Times

Tesla has recruited long-serving Apple technologist Chris Lattner to run its Autopilot self-driving car software, at a time when the iPhone maker is refocusing its own automotive efforts on autonomous systems. Elon Musk, Tesla's founder and chief ...and more »