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Chinese Tech Giant Baidu Will Launch Self-Driving Cars in July - Newsweek

Baidu said on Tuesday it would launch its self-driving car technology for restricted environment in July before gradually introducing fully autonomous driving capabilities on highways and open city roads by 2020. The project is named Apollo after the ...and more »

Baidu launches Project Apollo autonomous driving platform, will test on urban roads by 2018 - VentureBeat

Chinese search engine operator Baidu today announced the launch of Project Apollo, an autonomous driving platform that will include both software and hardware. Baidu will expose tools for obstacle perception, trajectory planning, vehicle control, and ...and more »

Baidu to open-source its autonomous driving technology - Financial Times

Baidu, China's largest search engine group, has launched an attempt to become the Android of the automotive world by opening up its self-driving technology secrets to rivals. At the Shanghai Auto Show on Wednesday, Baidu revealed its imposingly named ...and more »

Baidu Will Release a Free Operating System for Self-Driving Cars - MIT Technology Review

China's leading search engine hopes to speed development of autonomous driving and draw carmakers to its services. by Will Knight; April 19, 2017. 7. Baidu is releasing much of the technology behind its self-driving car, a move that it hopes will fast ...and more »

Baidu launches open platform Project Apollo to speed up self-driving car development - TechNode (blog)

Chinese search giant Baidu announced Tuesday an open autonomous driving platform dubbed “Project Apollo” in an attempt to build a more collaborative ecosystem in the self-driving industry. Named after the lunar landing program, the new platform ...and more »

Didi rival UCAR sues former Baidu SVP over IP infringement allegations - TechNode (blog)

China's UCAR INC. (神州优车 in Chinese) has initiated legal action in California against former Baidu SVP Wang Jin and his startup, requesting that they cease of employment with its four former core employees at the company's American subsidiary, local ...and more »

Baidu is making its self-driving car platform freely available to the automotive industry - TechCrunch

Baidu is opening its self-driving vehicle platform in a bid to help drive the development of autonomous cars. The Chinese internet giant today announced its Apollo project that will see its platform, including vehicle platform, hardware platform ...and more »

Baidu opens up autonomous driving platform Apollo - ZDNet

Chinese search engine giant Baidu has announced that it is opening up access to much of the technology behind its autonomous vehicles. From July this year, Baidu's partners in the auto industry will be able to use its platform -- known as Apollo, in ...and more »

Baidu to Open Source Its Self-Driving Technology - Wall Street Journal

Baidu's autonomous car stands at the company's headquarters in Beijing on Jan. 19, 2016. Photo: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg News. By. Liza Lin. Liza Lin. The Wall Street Journal. BiographyLiza Lin · @liz_in_shanghai · Updated April 18, 2017 ...and more »

A Chinese internet giant just made a big move to compete with Tesla in the self-driving-car space - Business Insider

Baidu self-driving cars A fleet of Baidu's self-driving cars. Baidu Baidu, one of China's biggest technology companies, said Tuesday it would open source its self-driving-car software in hopes of accelerating progress. The move shows Baidu is serious ...and more »