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Tucson girl's video of iPhone on fire goes viral - KVOA Tucson News

Tucson local Brianna Olivas posted a video on Twitter Wednesday of smoke coming out of her iPhone 7 Plus, and that video has gone viral. Olivas said on Twitter that her iPhone did not come into contact with any water and "blew up this morning." Check ...and more »

iPhone 7 Plus explosion video being 'looked into' by Apple after handset destroys itself - The Independent

Apple says that it is looking into the videos and photos posted over the phone, whose owner said had been used normally and had been destroyed all by itself. The rose gold iPhone was owned by 18-year-old Brianna Olivas from Arizona. She said that her ...and more »

Viral Video of an "Exploding" iPhone Has Forced Apple to Launch an Investigation -

Although 71% Americans reportedly sleep with their phones, but you'll want to avoid snoozing with your iPhone after watching this viral video. Earlier this week, Brianna Olivas tweeted footage of her rose gold iPhone 7 Plus billowing smoke and ...and more »

Apple to investigate iPhone 7 that 'blew up' - Mashable

Brianna Olivas says her rose gold iPhone 7 Plus exploded and began smoking Wednesday morning when her boyfriend grabbed his phone and began recording. The video, which Olivas shared on Twitter later that day, shows smoke pouring out of one side of the ...and more »

Apple says it is 'looking into' an iPhone that appears to be smoking spontaneously on video - Business Insider

Apple is investigating after a video circulating online appeared to show a smoking iPhone 7 Plus causing the phone's case to melt. An Apple spokesperson told Mashable, which earlier reported the news, that "we are in touch with the customer and looking ...and more »

Apple is 'looking into' the viral video showing iPhone 7 burst into smoke - TNW

Apple might be pulling a Samsung. This Wednesday, an Arizona-based teenager shared a distressing video that shows her iPhone 7 Plus excessively release fumes after spontaneously heating up to the point of melting. The footage reveals a gaping hole on ...and more »

Apple looking into reports iPhone 7 exploded while owner was asleep -

Apple is looking into reports that an iPhone 7 spontaneously caught fire after videos surfaced online. Twitter user Brianna Olivas posted a video of a smoking iPhone 7 Plus, which caught fire after not working properly for a couple of days. Olivas was ...and more »

Apple says 'looking into' video of apparent iPhone 7 Plus meltdown - AppleInsider (press release) (blog)

Apple is investigating the circumstances behind a widely circulated video showing a partially melted, smoking iPhone 7 Plus, the result of what appears to be a major device malfunction, reports said late Thursday. On Wednesday, Brianna Olivas posted to ...and more »

VIDEO: Teen's iPhone 7 Plus Goes Up in Smoke - PC Magazine

An Arizona teenager posted a video on Twitter showing her iPhone 7 Plus smoking and melting its plastic case. "So my iPhone 7 plus blew up this morning … was not even using it, literally no explanation for this," Brianna Olivas, 18, tweeted on ...and more »

Apple says it is 'looking into' viral video that shows an iPhone 7 Plus catching fire - 9 to 5 Mac

Making the rounds on Twitter recently has been a video of a smoking iPhone 7 Plus. The video, shared by Brianna Olivas, shows the device burning to the point that the case is melting away and smoke is erupting from the side of the device. Now, Apple ...and more »