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Computex 2017: Microsoft shows off Dell and Asus Windows Mixed Reality headsets - OnMSFT (blog)

The annual international computer expo that is Computex 2017 is officially underway in Taipei, Taiwan, and lots of Microsoft-related announcements are now rolling in. While we've already heard about some news about Windows 10 on ARM, and more about ...and more »

Microsoft reveals Dell and Asus Windows Mixed Reality headsets - The Verge

Microsoft is unveiling more of its range of Windows Mixed Reality headsets at Computex today. After revealing that Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, and Lenovo will all create headsets, Microsoft is providing a little more detail about the Dell, Asus, and Lenovo ...and more »

Microsoft Partners Heed Mixed-Reality Call - TechNewsWorld

Microsoft on Wednesday showcased a new series of mixed reality headsets from partner firms Acer, HP, Asus, Dell and Lenovo at Computex 2017. The preview marked the company's commitment to establish Windows 10 as a leading driver of mixed reality ...and more »

How Microsoft Is Sowing the Seeds of an Augmented Reality Future - Fortune

In less than ten years, people will routinely interact with digital graphics and holograms beamed onto the real world. That's according to Lorraine Bardeen, Microsoft's (msft, +1.07%) general manager of Windows and HoloLens experiences. Speaking ...and more »

Microsoft Shows Off Mixed Reality Headsets From Dell, ASUS And Lenovo - Ubergizmo

Microsoft recently revealed that HP, Dell, ASUS, Acer, and Lenovo will all be making Windows Mixed Reality headsets. The company is revealing more information about a couple of those headsets at Computex 2017. It has provided more details about the ...and more »

Asus, Dell, Lenovo show off Windows Mixed Reality headsets at Computex - Digital Trends

Microsoft showed off Windows Mixed Reality headsets from HP and Acer at Build 2017 earlier this month. Now, the company has unveiled headsets designed by Dell, Asus, and Lenovo at Computex 2017. The offering from Asus certainly has the look of next ...and more »

Microsoft shows off Windows VR headsets from ASUS and Dell - Engadget

We've already seen Windows 10 VR headsets from HP, Acer and Dell, and now we can add ASUS to the mix. During its Computex keynote today, Microsoft revealed ASUS's headset for the first time, along with a new look for Dell's entry. They share similar ...and more »

Surprise: the Windows Mixed Reality headsets don't look totally dorky - SlashGear

Microsoft is betting big on Windows Mixed Reality, and it turns out PC makers are rising to the challenge with a variety of designs shown off this week at Computex 2017. The software giant's decision not to make its own headset, following the Surface ...and more »

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets to Arrive in Time for the Holidays - eWeek

Dell, HP and other Microsoft hardware partners ready their Windows Mixed Reality Headsets for the holidays. Virtual Reality Devices. The wait is getting shorter. Microsoft planted the seeds for affordable augmented-reality (AR) and virtual-reality (AR ...and more »

Microsoft Shares Limited Details About Asus, HP, Lenovo Windows Mixed Reality HMDs - Tom's Hardware

Microsoft revealed a handful of details about the Windows Mixed Reality HMDs from Dell, Asus, and Lenovo, that give a glimpse at the variety we can expect from Microsoft's partners. Each headset offers a different range of features and capability. Last ...and more »