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Black female doctor: Delta discriminated, barred me from sick passenger - KVOA Tucson News

A black doctor has accused Delta Air Lines of discrimination after a flight attendant allegedly shooed her away from a passenger in need of medical attention and said "actual physicians" were needed. Dr. Tamika Cross, an OBGYN resident at Lyndon B.and more »

The disturbing reason why we don't believe young, black women are really doctors - Washington Post

This story has been updated. When Tamika Cross heard a woman screaming for help for her husband, who fell ill on a Delta flight last weekend, she sprang to action. The young black doctor, on her way home from a wedding in Detroit, took off her ...and more »

Flight attendant to black female doctor: 'We're looking for actual physicians' - Washington Post

Tamika Cross, a physician, was midway through a flight from Detroit to Minneapolis when a passenger emergency sent her into “doctor mode.” Sometime after takeoff, a man two rows in front of her suddenly became unresponsive, she said, and flight ...and more »

Black Doctor Says Delta Flight Attendant Rejected Her; Sought 'Actual Physician' - New York Times

Dr. Tamika Cross, a black physician at the Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital in Houston, could not immediately come to the phone on Friday. She was busy delivering a baby boy by C-section. So, yes, in case anyone has any doubt, Dr. Cross is an “actual ...and more »

Black Woman Says Flight Attendant Didn't Believe She Was A Real Doctor - Huffington Post

A black doctor claims that when she volunteered to help a man on a Delta flight who needed medical attention, a flight attendant stopped her out of apparent disbelief that the young woman of color was really a medical professional. “I'm sure many of my ...and more »

Delta Says It Is Investigating Discrimination Complaint by Black Doctor - Money Magazine

Delta Airlines is interviewing staff and passengers who were on board the flight where a black female doctor says she was discriminated against by a flight attendant. Tamika Cross said she was on a flight from Detroit on Sunday when a man on board had ...and more »

Delta Flight Attendant Tells Black Female Doctor 'We're Looking for Actual Physicians' - AlterNet

Tamika Cross, a black physician, accused Delta Air Lines of discriminating against her last week after a flight attendant declined her offer to help an unresponsive passenger because the employee did not believe Cross was a doctor. Cross took to ...and more »

A Delta flight attendant allegedly questioned whether a black woman was a doctor - Business Insider

A Delta Air Lines flight attendant on Sunday allegedly questioned a black doctor about whether she was actually a medical professional when a passenger fell ill on a domestic flight. Tamika Cross, a gynecologist from Houston, was on a Delta flight from ...and more »

Black Doctor Says Flight Attendant Blocked Her From Helping a Sick Passenger - TIME

A black doctor is speaking out after she says she tried to help an unconscious passenger on a recent Delta flight, only to be turned away by a flight attendant who questioned whether she was really a doctor. Dr. Tamika Cross, an OBGYN resident at Lyndon B.and more »

Black Women Are Doctors, Believe It or Not, America - TIME

Dr. Tamika Cross, who is an OBGYN in Houston, posted on Facebook last weekend that a Delta flight attendant rejected her offer to help a sick patient and questioned whether she was really a doctor. Dr. Cross is young and black. Another doctor on board ...and more »