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How a cosmic 'hit and run' flipped Saturn's moon - Futurity: Research News

Enceladus, a large and icy oceanic moon of Saturn, appears to have tipped away from its original axis by about 55 degrees. “We found a chain of low areas, or basins, that trace a belt across the moon's surface that we believe are the fossil remnants of ...and more »

In a cosmic hit-and-run, icy Saturn moon may have flipped - Science Daily

Date: May 31, 2017; Source: Cornell University; Summary: Enceladus -- a large icy, oceanic moon of Saturn -- may have flipped, the possible victim of an out-of-this-world wallop. While combing through data collected by NASA's Cassini mission during ...and more »

Saturn's Icy, Oceanic Moon Enceladus May Have Tipped Away From Its Original Axis - Nature World News

A new study by astronomers from the Cornell University, University of Texas and NASA revealed that Saturn's large, icy, oceanic moon Enceladus may have been tipped away from its original axis. The study, published in the journal Icarus, showed that an ...and more »

Cassini survives closest brush with Saturn's inner ring - Astronomy Now Online

This unprocessed image from Cassini's camera taken Sunday shows Saturn (upper right) and a portion of the planet's rings refracted through Saturn's atmosphere. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute. Barreling through space near the inner ...and more »

NASA's Cassini finds Saturn's moon Enceladus may have tipped over - The Indian Express

Saturn's icy, ocean-bearing moon Enceladus may have tipped over in the distant past possibly due to a collision with a smaller body, such as an asteroid. According to NASA's Cassini probe, it has found the moon's spin axis has tipped by 55 degrees. 458 ...and more »

A Wild Origin Story For Saturn's Most Mysterious Moon - Gizmodo

Enceladus is having a moment: ever since NASA announced it had all the basic ingredients to support life, people have become interested in the unusual Saturnian moon. In addition to hiding a warm subterranean ocean beneath its crust, Enceladus produces ...and more »

A massive asteroid impact could have caused Enceladus to tip onto its side - New Atlas

A new study based on data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft suggests that the Saturnian moon Enceladus tipped onto its side after an asteroid collision led to the formation of the satellite's famous tiger-striped terrain. The fractures in Enceladus' south ...and more »

NASA boffins find an explanation for Saturn's wonky moon - The Register

Enceladus, Saturn's watery moon, may have been tipped on its axis after being battered with an asteroid, new evidence reveals. NASA's Cassini mission may be entering its Grand Finale stage, but the data collected is still a treasure trove for discovery ...and more »

Cassini's Finale: What We Are Learning From Saturn's Solstice [Infographic] - Forbes

NASA's Cassini Spacecraft has now completed six out of 22 orbits in its finale. During that time it has learned a lot about Saturn and its moons and will no doubt learn a lot more before it's done. In this past month, Saturn has reached its solstice ...and more »

Asteroid Collision May Have Tipped Saturn's Moon Enceladus -

Image data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft shows evidence that Saturn's moon Enceladus may have tipped over, reorienting itself so that terrain closer to its original equator was relocated to the poles. This phenomenon is called "true polar wander ...and more »