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ZeniMax is trying to block games from working on Facebook's Oculus virtual reality headset - Business Insider

It was the same court where jurors on February 1 issued the verdict against Oculus and its founders Palmer Luckey and Brendan Iribe. The injunction could limit the number of games available for sale for Oculus' Rift VR headset. Such a move would be a ...and more »

4 Tips for Inventors to Protect Their Intellectual Property - Inventors Digest

Recently Facebook was ordered to pay $500 million to technology company ZeniMax in an intellectual property lawsuit over virtual reality headset Oculus Rift. ZeniMax complained that Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey had violated a nondisclosure agreement ...and more »

ZeniMax seeks permanent injunction against Oculus - CNET

Things are not looking up for Oculus. Josh Miller/CNET. A little-known company called ZeniMax Media is seeking to bar Oculus from using technology involved in a recent legal victory against Facebook's virtual reality unit. ZeniMax filed its motion for ...and more »

Facebook's Virtual Reality Ambitions Could Be Threatened by Court Order - Fortune

An attendee wears the Oculus Rift headset during the E3 Expo in Los Angeles on June 14. Photograph by Troy Harvey — Bloomberg via Getty Images. By Reuters. February 27, 2017. Facebook's big ambitions in the nascent virtual reality industry could be ...and more »

Biz Break: Facebook's Oculus VR challenges aren't over - The Mercury News

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg participated in a virtual reality session via the Oculus Rift VR system, during the Connect 3 conference in San Jose on Oct. 6, 2016. Video game developer ZeniMax is asking a federal judge to prevent Oculus from using ...and more »

ZeniMax wants to stop Oculus from selling VR headsets - Engadget

Despite being $500 million richer than it was a few months ago, ZeniMax still isn't happy about the outcome of its Oculus Rift lawsuit. Reuters is reporting that the video game company behind id Software and Bethesda has filed for an injunction ...and more »

ZeniMax is trying to stop Oculus from selling Rift headsets and VR games - The Verge

ZeniMax Media is seeking an injunction against Oculus VR to prevent the Facebook subsidiary from selling its virtual reality headsets and any other product that contains copyrighted ZeniMax code, according to Reuters. ZeniMax, the parent company of ...and more »

Facebook scoffed at $500m damages. Now Oculus faces nerd goggles injunction - The Register

Sometimes it's wise not to boast that you're so rich, a $500m damages award against you is chump change. Earlier this month, Facebook CTO Sheryl Sandberg scoffed at the paltry $500m damages it was ordered to award Zenimax Media for IP theft regarding ...and more »

Video game publisher ZeniMax seeks to block Facebook's Oculus to use VR code - The Indian Express

Video game publisher ZeniMax Media Inc. has asked a federal judge to block Oculus from using the code in its products. 129. Shares. Share. By: Reuters | Updated: February 24, 2017 1:11 pm. ZeniMax Media Inc, Facebook Inc, Oculus Rift, Virtual Reality ...and more »

Game company seeks to block Facebook from using virtual reality code - Reuters

(Reuters) - Video game publisher ZeniMax Media Inc., which earlier this month won a $500 million verdict against Facebook Inc.'s (FB.O) Oculus virtual reality unit for unauthorized copying of computer code, has asked a federal judge to block Oculus ...and more »