Watch the Beginning of Mass Effect: Andromeda - Game Rant

With Mass Effect: Andromeda's March 21 launch date drawing closer, developer Bioware continues to release new information about the game and the latest reveal is pretty substantial. BioWare has teamed up with IGN to release footage of the first 13 ...and more »

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This month's IGN First is Mass Effect Andromeda! We'll be doing all sorts of coverage leading up to the game's March 21 review [Editor's Note: none of our editors involved in the IGN First pre-release coverage will be involved in reviewing Andromeda].and more »

“Mass Effect: Andromeda” Opening 13 Minutes - Dark Horizons

Up until the last ten minutes or so of the trilogy capper, the “Mass Effect” game series has been one of gaming's most beloved franchises, BioWare's sci-fi universe offering an incredibly rich and diverse world building mythology. That closer though ...and more »

New Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay video delves into planet exploration, discovery and the Nomad - International Business Times UK

The new gameplay video, titled Exploration and Discovery, dives into 'the heart' of Mass Effect: Andromeda. By Hyacinth Mascarenhas. March 4, 2017 11:12 GMT. Mass Effect Andromeda Mass Effect: Andromeda's latest gameplay trailer shows off the 'heart of ...and more »

Interview: Mike Gamble on Mass Effect Andromeda - PC PowerPlay

It's not long now until Mass Effect Andromeda launches (it's out on the 23rd of March) for returning fans and a new generation of players. I'm in that latter category because I got onto the series too late and, by the time I did, I couldn't stand the ...and more »

New Mass Effect: Andromeda Images And Details Revealed - GameSpot

BioWare has shared some new images and details for Mass Effect: Andromeda's multiplayer mode. Posted by producer Fernando Melo on Twitter, the pictures show off Andromeda's character-selection screen and more. You can see the images embedded in ...and more »

How Many Planets Can Players Explore in Mass Effect: Andromeda? - Game Rant

Yesterday, developer BioWare released a new gameplay video for Mass Effect: Andromeda highlighting the exploration gamers will enjoy in the game. At the time, the developer also revealed that players will have a chance to discover over 100 planets in ...and more »

Mass Effect: Andromeda Releases Gameplay Video Highlighting Exploration - Game Rant

With Mass Effect: Andromeda's release date drawing closer by the second, BioWare has decided to provide fans of the science fiction franchise with a much better understanding of the forthcoming title's exploration and discovery aspects by putting out a ...and more »

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Two hours with Mass Effect: Andromeda simply wasn't enough, so in a bid to find out more about BioWare's upcoming RPG opus, we had to chat with Producer Fabrice Condiminas to find out a little more about the first Mass Effect game since Mass Effect 3 ...and more »

New Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Video Shows Off Exploration - GameSpot

[UPDATE] The video, titled "Exploration and Discovery," has been released--watch it in the embed above. BioWare explains in the video that Andromeda has more than 100 planets to discover; a "handful" of these can be landed on. Each has its own story, ...and more »