Snowden on Google Allo: 'Don't use it' - The Next Web

Following the launch of Google's messaging app 'Allo' and its accompanying Assistant bot, security experts are up in arms over Google reneging on a promise better protect its users. NSA-contractor-turned-whistleblower Edward Snowden did a hot take on ...and more »

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Edward Snowden's take on Allo is “Nope.” Google's decision to back off a previously promised privacy feature for Allo earned it a thumbs-down from the NSA whistleblower, who received asylum from Russia after exposing the NSA's secret domestic ...and more »

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Google debuted Allo, a chat app featuring a virtual assistant that applies the company's search smarts to messaging, to mixed reviews on Wednesday. Many reviewers showed mild, if underwhelmed interest in the new tool. "This is fine," wrote Dieter Bohn ...and more »

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Four months ago, Google executives said the company had a new, laser focus on artificial intelligence. On Tuesday, the company launched Allo, a smart messaging app for Android and iOS platforms that uses A.I. to help users express themselves, ...and more »

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The best apps are the ones that address a genuine problem or void in our lives. Inbox made it easier to manage incoming email, especially from mobile; Chrome made it simple to keep browser tabs synced across multiple devices and platforms; and Photos ...and more »

Google Allo: Don't use it, says Edward Snowden - ZDNet

Edward Snowden has criticized Google's new messaging app. Image: CBS News. Google's Allo messaging app and its Assistant bot have finally arrived, but Allo has been slammed for reneging on a promise that it would, by default, make it more difficult to ...and more »

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Tucked within Google's unremarkable Allo messaging app is a real treasure: Google Assistant, which injects Google Now with an eager-to-please personality that finally provides the give-and-take other digital assistants lack. We've always talked about ...and more »

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Google's new Allo app has implications that go much farther than just convenience of search and respond. 0. Shares. Facebook · Twitter · Google Plus · Whatsapp. Written by Swapnil Mathur | Published:September 22, 2016 4:29 pm. Google Allo, Google Allo ...and more »

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Edward Snowden is well-known as a whistleblower and is firmly against spying of any kind, which is why he is now wanted by the U.S. government. Recently he commented on the new messenger offering by Google called “Allo,” saying that people should not ...and more »

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