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Facebook's Aquila drone nails second test flight - New Atlas

Facebook's plan to bring the entire world online using a solar-powered, internet-beaming aircraft has taken another step forward, with the company testing its Aquila drone for the second time. The successful take-off and landing marks progress for the ...and more »

Facebook's internet-beaming drone completed its second test flight and landed 'perfectly' - Recode

Facebook's internet-beaming drone, a lightweight but wide solar-powered aircraft it's building to bring internet to rural places, completed its second test flight in the Arizona desert, the company announced Thursday. The drone flew for an hour and 46 ...and more »

Facebook's Drone Is One Step Closer to Beaming Internet to the World - Futurism

Facebook's Aquila drone completed its second successful test flight. The solar drone stayed aloft for almost two hours, providing more data that will eventually help the Aquila team bring internet access to billions around the world. Second Successful ...and more »

Facebook's internet-beaming drone managed not to crash on its second outing - Digital Trends

Facebook's internet-beaming drone, called Aquila, came down heavily when it landed at the end of its debut test flight in Arizona last summer. Widely defined in the media as a “crash,” Facebook made little of the incident in its lengthy analysis of the ...and more »

Facebook successfully lands its Aquila drone for the first time - Engadget

Facebook has been testing its solar-powered unmanned aircraft, Aquila, for the past couple of years. The internet-providing drone made its first full flight last June, though it crashed on landing after the 96-minute flight in Yuma, Arizona. The ...and more »

After Crash, Facebook Internet Drone Completes Successful Flight - Entrepreneur

Facebook called the landing 'absolutely perfect,' but admitted that Aquila suffered a 'few minor, easily repairable dings' from its gravel landing pad. Next Article. --shares. Add to Queue. After Crash, Facebook Internet Drone Completes Successful ...and more »

Facebook's Aquila drone completed a second flight without breaking anything - The Verge

Facebook's Aquila drone completed its second flight this past May during which it flew for an hour and 46 minutes. Facebook detailed the flight in a blog post and explained the modifications it made to the drone after the failure of the initial test ...and more »

Facebook revs up race for global internet access with 'successful' drone test flight - GeekWire

Facebook Aquila drone Facebook's Aquila drone takes to the air. (Facebook Engineering Photo). The drive to provide global internet access from the air is more of a horse race in the wake of Facebook's second test flight of its full-scale Aquila high ...and more »

Facebook's Huge Drone Flies Again (and Doesn't Crash) - Fortune

The social networking giant said Thursday that it's Aquila drone completed its second test flight on May 22 at the Yuma Proving Ground, a U.S. military facility, in Arizona. The drone, which has the wingspan of a Boeing 737, flew for 1 hour and 46 ...and more »

Facebook's Internet-delivering drone takes flight - USA TODAY

Through the Town Hall tool, Facebook allows constituents to easily find and connect with their elected officials. Johanna Huckeba/ Wochit. Facebook's Aquila aircraft successfully completed its second full-scale test run May 22 in Yuma ...and more »