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The Future Of Virtual Reality: Mobile VR Platforms In A Battle - Forbes

While everyone obsesses over whether Sony , Oculus or HTC HTCCY +0% · HTC · HTCCY. $0$0(+0%). As of 06/18/2018, 08:00pm EDT. sold more virtual reality (VR) headsets last year, Google GOOGL +2.14% · Google · GOOGL. $1183.56$24.78(+2.14%).and more »

Zuckerberg shows off Oculus gloves for typing in VR - TechCrunch

Oculus wants to one day let you fingerpaint, act like a super hero, and even type in virtual reality. Oculus already has its Touch controllers that are great for wielding virtual guns or picking up digital objects, but today Facebook CEO Mark ...and more »

Oculus Home Voice Search Now on Rift and Gear VR Makes Browsing Your VR Library a Breeze - Road to VR

Recent updates to Oculus Home on both desktop and Gear VR have added a Voice Search feature which makes zipping around your VR content library much easier than the old method of digging through menus and thumbnails. Update (2/10/27, 9:28 PT): It ...and more »

Has Facebook slipped up with VR? - BBC News

I first tried the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset in the corner of a drab conference room in Las Vegas. I was convinced within seconds - despite feeling a little dizzy - that the device, held together by duct tape and hope, was destined for big ...and more »

Facebook is closing hundreds of its Oculus VR pop-ups in Best Buys after some stores went days without a single demo - Business Insider

Facebook is closing around 200 of its 500 Oculus virtual reality demo stations at Best Buy locations across the US, Business Insider has learned. The scaling back of Facebook's first big retail push for VR comes after workers from multiple Best Buy pop ...and more »

Hulu Beats Netflix to Social Viewing in VR on Gear VR - Road to VR

Finally, one of the two major video streaming services available in VR will let you watch with your friends. Hulu has broken ground on social video viewing in VR with an update to their Gear VR app which lets up to three people watch regular and 360 ...and more »

Oculus Closes Many In-Store Demo Stations as VR Headsets Prove a Hard Sell - MIT Technology Review

Facebook says it will continue to invest in virtual-reality technology despite evidence it's not catching on with many consumers. by Rachel Metz; February 9, 2017. Oculus built it, but they didn't come.and more »

Mark Zuckerberg Turns Into Spider-Man With New VR Gloves - Futurism

Undeterred by the recent lawsuit loss suffered by Oculus, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg continues working on developing hardware to improve the technology's augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) experience. Just after his tour of the Oculus ...and more »

Oculus' No Good Year Continues With Hundreds of Demo Stations Shutting Down - Gizmodo

It's been a rocky start for virtual reality manufacturers in general. But Oculus—the company that made people believe in VR again—may be having the hardest time of all. It's been a year of sluggish sales, PR nightmares and one big time defeat in ...and more »

Facebook and Oculus are working on gloves for finger tracking in virtual reality - Digital Trends

Facebook CEO and Oculus VR owner Mark Zuckerberg jumped on the social network to talk about visiting the Oculus Research Lab in Redmond, Washington. In the update, he uploaded five photos that were taken during his visit, one of which shows ...and more »