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Bless you! Hilarious footage shows a giant panda sneezing 11 TIMES in a row - Daily Mail

A giant panda has amused thousands of web users after it was filmed sneezing non-stop while lying in its enclosure. The popular video was shared by People's Daily Online on its Facebook page and quickly gathered some 27,000 views. The black-and-white ...and more »

Giant Panda Is No Longer Endangered Species - Live Science

The giant panda, commonly a symbol for conservation, is no longer considered an endangered species, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). In an update to their Red List of Threatened Species on Sunday (Sept. 4), which ...and more »

New IUCN guidelines to harmonize management in natural areas with multiple international designations - (press release)

New guidelines launched at the 2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress aim to support the management of areas recognised simultaneously under several international designations, all of which have environmental conservation at their heart.and more »

Hawaii's wildlife is being killed off by invasive species - ZME Science

Invasive species – such as pigs, goats, rats and slugs – are destroying Hawaii's flora fast, a new IUCN report states. Hawaii's flora is threatened by species brought by animals. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the world's ...and more »

World's largest gorillas 'one step from going extinct' - Phys.Org

The world's largest gorillas have been pushed to the brink of extinction by a surge of illegal hunting in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and are now critically endangered, officials said Sunday. With just 5,000 Eastern gorillas (Gorilla beringei ...and more »

Survey finds giant pandas no longer 'endangered' in China - Phys.Org

Decades of conservation work in China have paid off for the giant panda, whose status was upgraded Sunday from "endangered" to "vulnerable" due to a population rebound, officials said. The improvement for the giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) was ...and more »

Giant Pandas Are No Longer Endangered but Are Still in Danger - Smithsonian

Conservationists got a mixed bag of news following an international group overseeing the world's species protection initiatives meeting this weekend. On the positive side, officials decided to officially take the giant panda off of the endangered ...and more »

The Giant Panda Is No Longer Endangered. It's 'Vulnerable.' - New York Times

The giant panda has long languished on the endangered species list, but an international monitoring group finally had some good news for it over the weekend. The pandas were removed from the endangered list, along with the Tibetan antelope. But the ...and more »

Giant Panda no longer endangered species, say conservationists -

The Giant Panda is no longer an endangered species following decades of rescue efforts, conservationists have confirmed. The International Union for Conservation of Nature, which keeps track of threatened species across the world, said it was ...and more »

Five things to know about China's panda conservation programme - Hong Kong Free Press

Decades of conservation work in China have paid off for the giant panda, whose status was upgraded Sunday from “endangered” to “vulnerable” due to a population rebound. The news was announced as part of an update to the Red List of the International ...and more »