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Google updates Google Earth before Earth Day -

After many years of stagnation, Google has finally decided to do something cool with Google Earth. So on the eve of Earth Day, Google has released a new version of Google Earth for the web and Android.and more »

Google Maps brings Timeline support to the iPhone and iPad - TNW

Google today announced an update to Google Maps that would bring the popular Timeline feature to iOS devices. The feature acts as a sort of mobile memory that allows users the ability to recall in great detail all the places they've been. What was the ...and more »

Google Earth relaunches with new storytelling and exploration features - VentureBeat

Google is introducing today an updated version of its Google Earth service with new features designed to make it more social and interactive. The company has a splashy launch event planned this morning at the Whitney Museum of Modern Art in New York ...and more »

Google Earth for Chrome & Android gets upgraded with guided tours, more discovery features - TechCrunch

As reported earlier this month, Google today has unveiled its new vision for Google Earth, the software that combines satellite imagery, topographic maps and 3D cities, to help you better visualize the planet. The company is now rolling out an update ...and more »

Google Earth on Chrome Is Fast, Smooth, and Still a Lot of Fun - NDTV

On Tuesday, Google Earth launched a version that works directly in the Web browser. To use it, all you have to do is open the website in Chrome, and you can start viewing the world in 3D without having to download anything, or install any application ...and more »

Google Earth feeds your wanderlust with 'Voyager' stories - Engadget

There are two things you should never do if you want to maintain productivity: start clicking on links in Wikipedia, or open Google Earth. There are many, many other ways to waste time on the internet but the amount of work hours lost between those two ...and more »

Google Earth Just Made It Possible for You to Travel Anywhere Virtually. And It Has Something for India Too! - The Better India (blog)

Most of us would have definitely tried to find our own locations on Google Earth at least once in our lifetime. Presumably our homes! After that, we probably look up a few more locations, and that's it. Well, things just became a whole lot cooler with ...and more »

Google's Greatest Time-Sucking Invention Just Got a Lot Better - Gizmodo

Google Earth is one of the purest, most beautiful gifts the company has ever given us. Today, the globe-trotting software received a major overhaul that will delight hardcore fans and remind others that it's still a great way to throw away hours of ...and more »

Google Earth Gets a Huge Redesign with Guided Tours, 3D View, and More - Lifehacker

Google pushed out a big update to Google Earth for Chrome and Android today. Alongside a snazzy new look, the new version adds guided tours, 3D maps, a random button, and lots more. The guided tours, which Google calls “Voyager,” aren't just some ...and more »

Google Maps Adds a Directions Widget, iMessage App, and Timeline to the iPhone App - Lifehacker

iPhone: Google pushed out an update to Google Maps today that adds in a few handy new features, including a new lock screen widget, an iMessage app, and the creepy Your Timeline feature that's been available elsewhere for a while. Now, you can access ...and more »