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Made in Hong Kong: Eu Yan Sang's 138-year journey making traditional Chinese medicine has been a bumpy one - South China Morning Post

After an 80km ferry ride south from Penang, then days on a wooden boat up the Perak River and a tedious trek through the jungle, Eu Kong, with his wife and baby, arrived in Gopeng, a remote but prosperous tin mining town in what is now Malaysia. Eu had ...and more »

20 years after handover, has the Hong Kong experiment failed? From Vancouver, it can look that way - South China Morning Post

“The identity of Hong Kong ... everything will disappear” Anthony Chan. “One country, two systems is now gone.” Fenella Sung. “Look at Hong Kong ... it's a shell of what it was.” Geoffrey Ho. “Mr 689 ... He broke the system, the values of Hong Kong ...and more »

Xi Jinping Warns Hong Kong on Separatism as Marchers Call for Greater Autonomy - TIME

Mere hours after visiting Chinese president Xi Jinping warned Hong Kong to reject separatism in a farewell speech here Saturday, defiant marchers demanded greater political freedom from China and even outright independence. Pro-independence banners, as ...and more »

Xi Delivers Tough Speech on Hong Kong, as Protests Mark Handover Anniversary - New York Times

HONG KONG — President Xi Jinping of China delivered a tough speech Saturday at the end of a three-day visit to the semiautonomous Chinese city of Hong Kong, warning against politicizing disputes or challenging the authority of the central government ...and more »

Xi draws "red line" for handling mainland-HK relations - Xinhua

HONG KONG, July 1 (Xinhua) -- President Xi Jinping Saturday drew the "red line" for handling relations between the mainland and Hong Kong, warning against attempts to undermine national sovereignty or challenge the central government's power. "Any ...and more »

Why Hong Kong was glad to see the back of 'white coolies' - South China Morning Post

Late on the morning of Hong Kong's first day under Chinese rule, following an evening of fireworks, pageantry and a torrential downpour, the streets were strangely quiet when I wandered out of my MacDonnnell Road apartment looking for a cab. It was ...and more »

Rare pics reveal British Hong Kong's fashionable royals - South China Morning Post

By Laramie Mok. 3 Jul 2017 / UPDATED ON 4 Jul 2017. 0 Share. Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Share on Reddit; Share on LinkedIn · Share on Google Plus · Share on Sina. 0Comments. Previous. Lady Margaret Thatcher waved hello to Hong Kong people ...and more »

Xi warns Hong Kong not to threaten 'red line' of Chinese rule - Financial Times

Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned Hong Kongers not to cross the “red line” of China's sovereignty and called for a renewed campaign of “patriotic education” for young people in a hardline speech that comes amid growing opposition to Beijing's ...and more »

What Hong Kong can teach China - The Economist

WHEN Britain handed Hong Kong back to China 20 years ago, many politicians in the West suspended disbelief. Here was a prosperous society, deeply imbued with liberal values, being taken over by a country that, less than a decade earlier, had used tanks ...and more »

The 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Handover - The Diplomat

July 1 marked the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's handover from Britain to the People's Republic of China. After two decades under Chinese sovereignty, Hong Kong's political system is showing cracks. Yet a political reform process intended to give ...and more »