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Alexa skill tutorial: How to write your first voice-assistant app - InfoWorld

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Amazon Deploys Army of Echoes Against Oncoming Threats - E-Commerce Times

Amazon on Wednesday unveiled five new Echo products that raise the bar in the automated home market. Among other things, Amazon has improved the sound quality in its second-generation Echo speaker to compete with several new competitors in the high-end ...and more »

Amazon Adds New Echo Models to Next-Generation Smart Home Lineup - eWeek

Amazon might have made its name as a book seller and e-commerce giant, but the company seems more committed than ever to its computer hardware and smart-home products. That commitment was on full display Sept. 27, when the company unveiled a new line ...and more »

Amazon Echo can now call landlines and mobile phones for free - CNET

Back in May, Amazon added a phone-call feature to its line of Echo smart speakers. Just one catch: You could call only other Echo owners. Last week, along with the announcement of new Echo devices, Amazon quietly eliminated that limitation. Effective ...and more »

Google Reportedly Building An Amazon Echo Show Competitor: Is This Why It Disabled YouTube On The Smart ... - Tech Times

Just recently, Google removed YouTube from the Amazon Echo Show for violating its terms of service, leaving the smart speaker without access to probably the world's largest video streaming service. However, as recent reports suggest, this might just be ...and more »

You Can Now Make Free Phone Calls Through Your Amazon Echo Devices - Tech Times

Owners of Amazon Echo devices can now make free calls to mobile phones and landline numbers through their smart speakers. The feature, which many missed during Amazon's unveiling of its new line of Amazon Echo products, is a significant upgrade to the ...and more »

Alexa builds a growing army to invade the digital home - ZDNet

Amazon unveils new Echo gadgets for your home. If intelligent voice agents such as Alexa ultimately aspire to be proactive assistants, they fell down on the job in anticipating the half-dozen new Echo products Amazon announced last week. The company's ...and more »

Alexa Gadgets SDK For Voice-Enabled Play - iProgrammer

At the same time as launching new Echo products, Amazon has announced Alexa Gadgets and unveiled Echo Buttons, which can be controlled using the Alexa Gadgets SDK and the Gadgets Skill API. alexabuttons. Not only has Amazon expanded the range of Alexa ...and more »

Amazon's quest to become the next Apple -

In a laboratory on the 30th floor of Amazon's Day One building, the tech giant's new skyscraper overlooking Seattle, Dave Limp unveils one new product after another. The room, which serves as a test space for Amazon's manufacturing team, is designed to ...and more »

Google could be launching a rival to the Amazon Echo Show - Alphr

Google could be hard at work building an Amazon Echo Show-like Google Home device with an integrated screen. The news comes from TechCrunch, which cites “multiple sources” having told them a Google-built “tabletop smart screen for video calling and ...and more »