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Multitask like a pro, take a break from constant notifications and sleep better at night with these quick settings tweaks. Articleby Jason Cipriani 22 March 2017 1:00 pm GMT. Image. Should you buy a refurbished iPad? Buying a refurb can save you a ...and more »

Apple Logs Your iMessage Contacts — and May Share Them With Police - The Intercept

Apple promises that your iMessage conversations are safe and out of reach from anyone other than you and your friends. But according to a document obtained by The Intercept, your blue-bubbled texts do leave behind a log of which phone numbers you are ...and more »

Apple's new ad focuses on background animations for Messages - TechCrunch

Apple is releasing a new video advertisement for the iPhone and iOS. Like previous ads, this video shows a stark departure from its predecessors. You can feel Tor Myhren's influence on this ad. The recently hired VP of Marketing Communications has an ...and more »

Apple's new ad is for people who haven't figured out how to use iMessage effects - The Verge

Apple debuted a TV ad today that shows off the new iMessage effects on iOS 10. The ad depicts balloons floating around a city and gathering in the bedroom of an iMessage user who reads a happy birthday text that was sent with the balloon iMessage effect.and more »

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Apple's newest operating system, iOS 10, pits Apple's mobile software prowess against your favorite messaging apps, from Facebook to Snapchat. For users, that means some cutting-edge texting options. The power of the new tools were featured in an ...and more »

Apple's New Ad Showcases Shareable Screen Effects in iOS 10 -

Apple's new commercial for the iPhone 7, which is set to make its primetime debut Thursday night, is spotlighting the new expressive messaging feature in iOS 10. A red balloon is featured in Apples new ad for iOS 10. Apple. There are plenty of new ...and more »

Police can't read your iMessages, but here's what they can see - Recode

While Apple has made a big deal over the past few years about how little customer data it stores on its servers, that doesn't mean the iPhone maker doesn't have any information that police agencies can get their hands on. As noted by The Intercept, one ...and more »

Apple shares balloon-filled iPhone 7 ad showing off expressive iOS 10 Messages effect - 9 to 5 Mac

Apple has just posted the latest iPhone 7 ad on their YouTube channel today, entitled 'Balloons' for obvious reasons. The video follows a balloon throughout various scenes as it eventually finds it way to other balloons, and into someone's window. It's ...and more »

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Got iOS 10? Want to mess with your friends? A hilarious new iMessage App called Phoneys lets you prank others by sending stickers that look exactly like iMessage text bubbles. And thanks to the new layering feature in the updated version of iMessage ...and more »

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Messages in iOS 10 has new ways to express yourself—a lot of new ways. Here's how to get started. Email a friend. To. Use commas to separate multiple email addresses. From. Privacy Policy. Thank you. Your message has been sent. Sorry. There was an ...and more »