Jaguar rebirths the E-type ... and it's the opposite of painful - New Atlas

Jaguar Land Rover Classic has been all about Rovers in its Reborn series, presenting the Series I and Range Rover Classic models. Now it's adding a bit more Jag, putting its automotive talents toward the very worthy goal of restoring Series 1 E-types.and more »

Jaguar to offer 10 'reborn' E-Types - Fox News

Following the success of its continuation program for the Lightweight E-Type, Jaguar has decided to offer a handful of what it's calling “reborn” E-Types. Jaguar's classic car department plans to scour the classifieds for 10 original E-Types and then ...and more »

Jaguar sets out to restore 10 classic E-Types - Driving

Jaguar Land Rover announced the newest model available within its “Reborn” program – the same program that brought us perfectly restored 1970s Range Rovers. This time, JLR will be restoring just 10 Series 1 Jaguar E-Types to brand-new condition, for a ...and more »

Reborn: Jaguar launches E-Type restoration service - CTV News

After the phenomenal success of its Land Rover and Range Rover reborn initiatives, it was only a matter of time before Jaguar Land Rover turned its attention from SUVs to restoring and reviving its classic sportscars. And so the first Reborn E-Type ...and more »

Jaguar will sell you a like-new E-Type for $356000 - CNET

It's traditionally pretty hard to get your hands on a like-new vintage sports car, but Jaguar is about to make it a little easier... sort of. Jaguar will offer up 10 examples of the E-Type Reborn, the first of which will debut next week at the Techno ...and more »

E-Type fans rejoice: Jaguar-restored cars are now on sale - AOL UK

You can now buy manufacturer-restored E-Types direct from Jaguar, the company has announced. The famous British manufacturer has announced that it will be offering 10 of the 'reborn' cars, which use a base vehicle selected by Jaguar's in-house experts, ...and more »

Jaguar Will Sell You a Perfectly Restored E-Type For Just $355000 -

Last month, Land Rover Classic announced that it was selling meticulously restored first-generation Range Rovers for $170,000. Jaguar Classic is joining in with concours-quality Series 1 E-Types. Yours for just $355,000. Oh, and that's the starting ...and more »

Groovy, Baby! Jaguar Puts the E-type Back into Production (Sort Of) - Car and Driver (blog)

Here's apparent proof that somebody at Jaguar Land Rover is a massive Austin Powers fan. The fictional secret agent/playboy came out of cryogenic hibernation in the late 1990s after 30 years in stasis to discover that women had acquired rights and that ...and more »

Jaguar will sell 10 fully restored Series 1 E-Types - Autoblog (blog)

The Jaguar Land Rover "Reborn" program is expanding its offerings yet again. The newest offering is the first from the Jaguar side of the company, and naturally the first car is a Series 1 E-Type. Jaguar Classic will restore 10 of the first-generation ...and more »

Jaguar F-TYPE 2017 Review - Motoring

The F-TYPE sports car is all about image for Jaguar. First launched in Australia in 2013, it signalled a new era for the British brand under Indian ownership. Now, four years on it's on the cusp of its first facelift, although the fundamental ...and more »