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Jaguar rebirths the E-type ... and it's the opposite of painful - New Atlas

Jaguar Land Rover Classic has been all about Rovers in its Reborn series, presenting the Series I and Range Rover Classic models. Now it's adding a bit more Jag, putting its automotive talents toward the very worthy goal of restoring Series 1 E-types ...and more »

Jaguar will sell you a like-new E-Type for $356000 - CNET

It's traditionally pretty hard to get your hands on a like-new vintage sports car, but Jaguar is about to make it a little easier... sort of. Jaguar will offer up 10 examples of the E-Type Reborn, the first of which will debut next week at the Techno ...and more »

Jaguar Classic division planning to offer 10 fully restored E-Types - Digital Trends

Jaguar's Classic division is bringing back the E-Type. Ten lucky enthusiasts will have the opportunity to purchase a first-series E-Type that has been meticulously restored inside and out by the same company that built it over 50 years ago. The project ...and more »

Jaguar F-TYPE 2017 Review - Motoring

The F-TYPE sports car is all about image for Jaguar. First launched in Australia in 2013, it signalled a new era for the British brand under Indian ownership. Now, four years on it's on the cusp of its first facelift, although the fundamental ...and more »

Jaguar sets out to restore 10 classic E-Types - Driving

Jaguar Land Rover announced the newest model available within its “Reborn” program – the same program that brought us perfectly restored 1970s Range Rovers. This time, JLR will be restoring just 10 Series 1 Jaguar E-Types to brand-new condition, for a ...and more »

Jaguar Selling 10 Gorgeous "Reborn" E-Types - The Drive

Sure, you could buy a new supercar for the same money. But c'mon...which would you really rather have? By Will Sabel CourtneyMarch 31, 2017. New Cars · classic · Coupe · E-Type · Jaguar · xke. Jaguar. SHARE. Will Sabel CourtneyView Will Sabel Courtney ...and more »

Groovy, Baby! Jaguar Puts the E-type Back into Production (Sort Of) - Car and Driver (blog)

Here's apparent proof that somebody at Jaguar Land Rover is a massive Austin Powers fan. The fictional secret agent/playboy came out of cryogenic hibernation in the late 1990s after 30 years in stasis to discover that women had acquired rights and that ...and more »

Jaguar Classic Will Restore Ten Series I E-Types to Factory Spec - Automobile

For those who simply aren't satisfied with third-party restorations, Jaguar Classic is now taking orders for another reissued model. Following the successful launch of the reborn XKSS and Lightweight E-Type coupe, Jag Classic will restore ten regular ...and more »

jaguar revives the classic e-type sports car from 1960's - Designboom

'e-type reborn' from jaguar land rover's 'classic' division offers people the unique opportunity to own a highly collectible 'e-type' with elegant aesthetics frozen for over 50 years. limited to just ten models, each 'e-type reborn' starts with a base ...and more »

Jaguar Will Sell You a Perfectly Restored E-Type For Just $355000 -

Last month, Land Rover Classic announced that it was selling meticulously restored first-generation Range Rovers for $170,000. Jaguar Classic is joining in with concours-quality Series 1 E-Types. Yours for just $355,000. Oh, and that's the starting ...and more »