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'Kong: Skull Island' reawakens the monster-movie genre with a mighty roar - Minneapolis Star Tribune

With seven full-on King Kong movies since his arrival on-screen in 1933 — not to mention countless media spinoffs — it's reasonable to question his return in “Kong: Skull Island.” Why make another movie about the big ape? Turns out, there are ...and more »

'Kong: Skull Island' Review: Return of the Great Ape Is a Rumble in the Jungle -

The dialogue is clunky, the A-list actors are slumming and, yeah, you've seen it all before. But Kong: Skull Island is a creature feature that's damn near irresistible. Set in 1973, just when the U.S. pulled out of Vietnam, this loony epic boasts a ...and more »

Beauties and the Beast: Kong's Famous Co-Stars - Biography

On March 7, 1933, King Kong arrived in New York, and with one swipe of his mighty paw the miseries of the Great Depression were dispelled. The special effects sensation of its era has been unpacked as a religious and sociopolitical allegory. But ...and more »

Kong: Skull Island, review - Long live King Kong, the ape who never dies - Evening Standard

Duff films make you appreciate the fine things in life. Last year's The Legend of Tarzan was a travesty. By comparison, this King Kong reboot appears spectacularly OK. Our story begins as the Vietnam War ends. A gaggle of explorer types, escorted by a ...and more »

The Cast of KONG: SKULL ISLAND Pick the Monkey's Next Monster Match - Nerdist

It may have been beauty killed the beast in the original iteration, but let it be known: this year's take on the King of the Apes is gearing up for quite a different, multi-monsterific (the technical term) fight. In Kong: Skull Island, the biggest ...and more »

The KONG: SKULL ISLAND Cast Tackle the Importance of Genre Storytelling - Nerdist

We live in interesting times — times tailor made for science fiction and genre fare to take center stage in a big way. Like giant-gorilla-levels of big. Of course, it's no secret that some of our favorite movies here at Nerdist are often parables for ...and more »

'Kong: Skull Island' is a fun movie with an inspired setting - Christian Science Monitor

'Kong' stars Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, and Tom Hiddleston as members of an expedition who travel to a previously uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean and encounter King Kong. Chuck Zlotnick/Warner Bros. Pictures/AP. Tian Jing appears in a scene ...and more »

Kong: Skull Island Movie Review - Tom Hiddleston's Film Revives King Kong With 70s-Era Style - NDTV

Kong: Skull Island Movie Review: It is a big, noisy B-movie infused with moments of wit and sprightly visual sophistication. Ann Hornaday | March 10, 2017 13:26 IST. 3. Rating: 5 Shares. COMMENTS. Twitter Facebooks Linkedin Reddit. Kong: Skull ...and more »

King Kong goes to war in the Vietnam-themed monster mash Skull Island - AV Club

Against a bright orange sun, a giant gorilla towers in silhouette, helicopters buzzing around his head like angry insects. It's as if that artist who paints monsters onto thrift-store paintings got his hands on the Apocalypse Now poster. Airlift out ...and more »

Kong: Skull Island Is a Likable Near-Miss - The Atlantic

“Mark my words, there'll never be a more screwed-up time in Washington.” This is the opening line of Kong: Skull Island, and it comes across today as more knowing even than it presumably did when the scene was shot. The movie, directed by Jordan ...and more »