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Amazon's Alexa escapes the Echo and gets into cars - The Guardian

Amazon's Alexa voice assistant is making its way into cars in the UK, bringing voice controlled music and even the ability to remotely control smart home devices onto the road. The freeing of Alexa from the confines of Amazon's Echo and Echo Dot is ...and more »

You don't need to touch the Amazon Tap to use Alexa anymore - Engadget

Having to touch a device to use voice commands kind of defeats the purpose of having voice commands at all. For example, my use of "Okay, Google" went down dramatically once I switched from Android to iOS. Amazon realizes this problem is a problem too ...and more »

Sonos demoes Alexa control, says more assistants coming - CNET

Sonos demonstrated Amazon Alexa voice control of its speakers at an event in Boston yesterday. Antoine Leblond, Sonos vice president of software, walked onstage and said, "Alexa, pause Sonos" to an Amazon Echo Dot speaker, pausing the music playing ...and more »

Your Amazon Tap no longer requires tapping, just 'Alexa' - CNET

I'm not saying the Amazon Tap ($129.99 at was the red-headed stepchild in the Echo lineup of smart speakers, merely that it was the only one that couldn't be activated hands-free. Instead, to invoke Alexa, you had to tap the Tap. But that's ...and more »

Did Amazon's Alexa Order Unwanted Dollhouses for a Little Girl and TV Viewers? -

Claims that Amazon's digital assistant went rogue, ordering dollhouses for a little girl and hundreds of TV viewers, are questionable. George W. Bailey / Shutterstock, Inc. 170. CLAIM. Amazon's Alexa ordered an expensive dollhouse after a child asked ...and more »

Alexa Voice Service now works on connected devices in UK and Germany - TechCrunch

Since first being unbundled back in 2015 in the U.S., Alexa Voice Service — the voice-response software that powers the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot — has been one of Amazon's chief tools to spread its services to a range of connected devices. Now Amazon ...and more »

Amazon Tap Is Now Hands-Free: No Need To Push Any Buttons, Just Say 'Alexa' - Tech Times

Amazon Tap, the only smart speaker from Amazon that requires the push of a button to make commands, is now joining its voice-triggered siblings. Your Amazon Doesn't Need To Be Touched Anymore. Amazon is now rolling out a new update for the speaker in ...and more »

Alexa Voice Service goes overseas, now available in the UK and Germany - Digital Trends

Alexa is getting multilingual. On Tuesday, the online retail giant responsible for the popular AI assistant announced that the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) has now become available for developers in both the United Kingdom and Germany. That means that any ...and more »

Amazon Tap Gets Hands-Free Alexa, Finally Worth Buying - Tom's Guide

The $129 Amazon Tap, while a fine Bluetooth speaker, has long been the weakest member of the Alexa family due to its lack of hands-free voice controls. Fortunately, that's all about to change. Thanks to a firmware update, you can summon Alexa on the ...and more »

Sonos has Alexa control working, but don't hold your breath - SlashGear

Sonos has given its first public demonstration of Amazon Alexa integration, though the streaming speaker company says the actual roll-out of voice control is still some way off. The two companies announced a partnership back in August 2016, which will ...and more »