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Pokémon Go generated revenues of $950 million in 2016 - VentureBeat

Pokémon Go generated an estimated $950 million in revenues in 2016, according to a report by market researcher App Annie. Niantic Labs launched Pokémon Go on July 6, 2016, and it became a smash hit. Within a couple of months, Niantic announced that ...and more »

'Love Actually' director Richard Curtis is using Pokémon Go at Davos to tackle poverty — and Jamie Oliver is playing - Business Insider

Richard Curtis, writer of "Four Weddings and a Funeral" and "Love Actually," is promoting a campaign to tackle world poverty by creating a series of Pokémon Go "Pokéstops" at Davos. Pokéstops are real world locations that users interact with by ...and more »

Pokémon Go fights poverty with 17 PokéStops at the World Economic Forum - VentureBeat

Niantic and The Pokémon Company International have created 17 locations in Davos, Switzerland, to remind World Economic Forum attendees of the importance of fighting poverty. New PokéStops for the World Economic Forum. Above: New PokéStops for ...and more »

Pokémon Go adds symbolic stops to raise awareness of the world's many, many problems - The Verge

Pokémon Go creator Niantic has added a new gym and 17 pokéstops for players in Davos, Switzerland. But unlike its past partnerships with companies like Starbucks and Sprint, the additions are part of a campaign to raise awareness for various ...and more »

Pokémon Go Raked in $950m in Revenues Last Year - MobileMarketing Magazine

Pokémon Go racked up revenues of around $950m (£768m) in 2016, as the true extent of the game's success has been quantified for the first time in a new report published by market researchers App Annie. The report makes it clear that, although the game ...and more »

What is in the latest Pokemon Go update? From new monsters to evolution items and events – here's all you need to ... - The Sun

THE latest Pokemon Go update might not be the major release we were hoping for, but it contains some seriously juicy gossip that hints at things to come. While we blub over the annoying GPS Drift fix, there's evidence below the surface for a major ...and more »

Pokemon Go update is going to change the game FOREVER by ruining egg hatching, gamers fear - The Sun

Anyone who's on a quest to catch 'em all will be absolutely distraught to hear that the next Pokemon Go update is going to totally change the way you play. The update, which is due to land sometime today, may just make getting all the Pokemon ...and more »

The world's elite encouraged to catch 'em all with Global Goals Pokestops at Davos - The Drum

Project Everyone is reviving 2016's biggest flash in the pan, Pokemon Go, to draw attention to the United Nations' Global Goals campaign at this year's World Economic Forum in Davos. The Pokemon Company and Pokemon Go's Niantic have partnered with ...and more »

Niantic Made Almost $1 Billion In 2016, So Why Is Pokémon GO Still So Lame? - Forbes

2016 was a very strange year for many reasons we won't get into here, but one thing that made it exceptionally weird was Pokémon GO. It was a cultural phenomenon when it launched over the summer. You could go anyplace and mobs of people were ...and more »

Davos, PokemonGo And A New Era Of Augmented Awareness - Forbes

This past week, the World Economic Forum played host not just to the bevy of leaders, thinkers and shapers, but a new approach to driving awareness and impact courtesy of one of 2016's breakout technologies: Augmented Reality. Niantic Labs, creator of ...and more »