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Mercedes vans filled with swarming delivery bots could be heading to your hometown -

Delivery vans containing individual ground-based drones may be the future of home deliveries – and they're set to hit the streets in their first tests. Mercedes-Benz has created a prototype van with Starship Technologies that allows eight of the ...and more »

Mercedes-Benz Concept Van Is a Drone Delivery Vehicle - Popular Mechanics

Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with a drone startup to create a concept car that could serve as a launch pad (and landing pad) for small package drone deliveries. While many questions still remain regarding the practicality and legality of drone delivery ...and more »

Drones Get Set to Piggyback on Delivery Vans - MIT Technology Review

Delivery drones are being proposed as carriers of everything from drugs and blood to Amazon orders and pizza. But new collaborations between Mercedes-Benz and the drone makers Matternet and Starship Technologies suggest that vans may remain an ...and more »

Mercedes Tries to Conquer the Last Mile With Cute Delivery Drones and Bots - IEEE Spectrum

Mercedes-Benz is experimenting with small bots to carry cargo over that last, pesky mile to the customer, using a human-driven van to ferry the them over the previous stretch. The two kinds of bots, aerial and terrestrial, are being supplied by ...and more »

Mercedes-Benz and Matternet unveil vans that launch delivery drones - TechCrunch

Mercedes-Benz Vans and drone tech startup Matternet have created a concept car, or as they're calling it a Vision Van, that could change the way small packages are delivered across short distances. The Vision Van's rooftop serves as a launch and ...and more »

Electric Mercedes-Benz Vision Van Concept Set for Paris Show - Automobile

As far as we can tell, the electric Mercedes-Benz Vision Van concept is the first vehicle designed to have its own drones. Making its debut at the Paris auto show in late September, the Vision Van envisions how current and near-future technology could ...and more »

Mercedes just unveiled a bizarre-looking delivery van that uses drones to drop off packages - Business Insider

Meet the Mercedes Vision Van: an all-electric vehicle with a range up to 168 miles. Meet the Mercedes Vision Van: an all-electric vehicle with a range up to Mercedes-Benz. 2/7. The interior of the van has a fully automated cargo space. It features a ...and more »

Mercedes just invested in a drone company to help transform the way packages are delivered - Business Insider

Mercedes-Benz is betting that drones are the future of package delivery. The company announced on Wednesday a "multi-million dollar" investment in drone startup Matternet, which has developed a completely autonomous drone — the Matternet M2 — that ...and more »

Here's Why Mercedes Is Betting on Drones and Self-Driving Robots - Fortune

Daimler AG will invest $562 million over the next five years to develop an advanced ecosystem of vans, flying drones, and robots—all linked via wireless networks—to speed up the delivery of packages and people. The effort follows a boom in electronic ...and more »

Mercedes unveils new all-electric van concept aimed at delivery industry with robots - Electrek

Today, Daimler unveiled another piece of its electric vehicle strategy ahead of the expected introduction of its upcoming lineup of electric vehicles under Mercedes' new EV brand. Still under the Mercedes brand, Daimler unveiled a new all-electric van ...and more »