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This Mercedes-Benz van will carry a fleet of delivery robots - CNNMoney

Mercedes-Benz said Wednesday that it will invest roughly $560 million over the next five years in a futuristic electric van that features delivery robots and drones. Mercedes-Benz is partnering with Starship Technologies, the maker of six-wheeled ...and more »

The Mercedes-Benz Vision Van is the effing-sweet future of logistics - CNET

Leave it to Mercedes-Benz to make a cargo van interesting. Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz has a very strong van portfolio outside the US. It's built a name for itself in logistics, and now, it's showcasing the next generation of cargo vans with the ...and more »

Mercedes just invested in a drone company to help transform the way packages are delivered - Business Insider

Mercedes-Benz is betting that drones are the future of package delivery. The company announced on Wednesday a "multi-million dollar" investment in drone startup Matternet, which has developed a completely autonomous drone — the Matternet M2 — that ...and more »

Mercedes vans filled with swarming delivery bots could be heading to your hometown -

Delivery vans containing individual ground-based drones may be the future of home deliveries – and they're set to hit the streets in their first tests. Mercedes-Benz has created a prototype van with Starship Technologies that allows eight of the ...and more »

Mercedes-Benz and Matternet unveil vans that launch delivery drones - TechCrunch

Mercedes-Benz Vans and drone tech startup Matternet have created a concept car, or as they're calling it a Vision Van, that could change the way small packages are delivered across short distances. The Vision Van's rooftop serves as a launch and ...and more »

Mercedes-Benz Vision Van concept dispatches drones for last-mile delivery - New Atlas

When it comes to making the concept of delivery drones a reality, using vans to handle the brunt of the work is an idea that has some merit. We saw some researchers float the idea a couple of years ago and it now appears Mercedes-Benz also sees some ...and more »

Mercedes-Benz Concept Van Is a Drone Delivery Vehicle - Popular Mechanics

Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with a drone startup to create a concept car that could serve as a launch pad (and landing pad) for small package drone deliveries. While many questions still remain regarding the practicality and legality of drone delivery ...and more »

Mercedes Tries to Conquer the Last Mile With Cute Delivery Drones and Bots - IEEE Spectrum

Mercedes-Benz is experimenting with small bots to carry cargo over that last, pesky mile to the customer, using a human-driven van to ferry the them over the previous stretch. The two kinds of bots, aerial and terrestrial, are being supplied by ...and more »

Drones Get Set to Piggyback on Delivery Vans - MIT Technology Review

Turning vans into rolling distribution hubs for package-dropping robots could greatly improve the efficiency of delivery networks. by Jamie Condliffe; September 7, 2016. Delivery drones are being proposed as carriers of everything from drugs and blood ...and more »

The Most Interesting Part Of Mercedes' Drone-Equipped Delivery Van Concept Has Nothing To Do With Drones - Forbes

Steve Banker , Contributor I cover logistics and supply chain management. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. The Mercedes-Benz Vision Van with its racking system extended. Mercedes-Benz Vans announced an equity investment ...and more »