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Micro Machines World Series review: Just about scratching that nostalgic itch - The Independent

Nostalgia, it ain't what it used to be. Although in the videogame world it still does okay, with an entire section of the industry propped up by our lust for the old, from classic remasters, to entire consoles like the recently announced SNES Mini ...and more »

Racing Through The Breakfast Table In Micro Machines: World Series - Let's Play - GameSpot

Dave, Lucy, Tam and Oscar are going head to head racing over kitchen tables, through gardens and across workshops in Micro Machines World Series. by Tamoor Hussain, Lucy James, Dave Jewitt, Oscar Dayus, and Adam Mason on June 30, 2017. Upvote; Leave ...and more »

Micro Machines World Series Review - PS4 - PlayStation Universe

Jump into your tiny car and get whizzing around the unique race tracks of Micro Machines World Series. Read the review. By Aaron Varshney on 30 June 2017. micro machines world series gameplay. Game title: Micro Machines World Series Developer ...and more »

Review: Micro Machines World Series - Hardcore Gamer

Codemasters has been associated with the Micro Machines license longer than many modern-day gamers have been alive. Since 1991, they have created some of the most enjoyable multiplayer-focused racing games that have spawned countless imitators. Digital ...and more »

Micro Machines World Series is a shot of gaming nostalgia - Top Gear

Nostalgia is big business. You only have to look at the reanimation of The Crystal Maze, Baywatch and the Alpine A110 to realise that we're all living in a state of cosy, reassuring arrested development. It's hardly surprising, then, that Codemasters ...and more »

Watch: 'Micro Machines World Series' skips the simulation for group fun - Autoweek

Sometimes you have to put down the racing simulators and play some real video games. As much as we love "Gran Turismo Sport," "Dirt 4," "Project Cars" and the "F1" series, it's good to shake off the cobwebs in some multiplayer, "Mario Kart"-style ...and more »

Micro Machines World Series Review - TheSixthAxis

Among the many classic game series viewed through rose tinted glasses, Micro Machines has been one of the most regularly requested series to be revived. It's taken a long time – just over a decade, in fact – but Codemasters have answered your prayers ...and more »

Micro Machines: World Series review – Mega Driven - Metro

Codemasters revamp the classic Mega Drive racers for the modern age, but does the top-down multiplayer still have the old charm? With all the excitement over the Classic Mini SNES at the moment, there's been much speculation about what would have to be ...and more »

Micro Machines: World Series - Gamereactor UK

If, like us, you've got fond memories of huddling around a small square screen as deep as it was wide, racing pixelated cars on twisting tracks that punished even the slightest mistake, then you were probably looking forward to playing Micro Machines ...and more »

The legend is back as Micro Machines World Series slams on to Xbox One, PS4 and PC - TheXboxHub (blog)

If you remember caning it around the kitchen and pool table with your toy cars back in the day, then today is going to be a huge trip back down memory lane. For Codemasters are back – and they're bringing the iconic Micro Machines with them! Available ...and more »