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5 ways Android has taken Apple's ideas and made them better - BGR

Apple's iOS platform and Google's Android platform both emerged at around the same time a decade ago, but there's precious little question that one platform in particular was steering the ship in the early days. Google's Android team had been hard at ...and more »

Millions of apps could soon be purged from Google Play Store - The Next Web

Over the last 24 hours, Google has been sending notices to developers worldwide stating its intention to “limit visibility” or remove apps from the Play Store that violate the company's User Data policy. For most devs, the violation seems to be a ...and more »

Everyday essential shortcuts for your Android - Komando

So you feel like you know all you need to know about your smartphone. You can adeptly make calls, send text messages, check emails, change settings, download apps and everything in between. Sure, having the right know-how to get things done on your ...and more »

Enterprise Android Vs iOS: Which is More Secure? - Dark Reading

The answer is not as simple as you think. A mobile security expert parses the pros and cons. Both iOS and Android come with features that are designed to further secure enterprise applications over and above the security level of standard consumer apps ...and more »

Seven Ways That iPhones Are Better Than Android Mobiles - NDTV

In a previous article, we spoke of a few things that you can do on an Android phone, that you just can't on an iPhone. Today, we will tell you the other side of the story. Although some of you may think Android is functionally superior than iOS ...and more »

Google may lean on a partner to sell Android apps in China - Engadget

Google's presence in China is limited, to put it mildly, but it might have found a way to get its foot in the door. The Information sources claim that Chinese internet veteran NetEase is talking to Google about launching the Play Store in China. There ...and more »

Android VPN apps failing to offer the security functions they advertise, study finds - The Sydney Morning Herald

When you use a virtual private network (VPN), it prevents your internet service provider from knowing what content or sites you are accessing. In theory. But a recent analysis of 283 Android VPN-based apps on the Google Play store found more than 80 ...and more »

Six Things You Can Do on Android That You Can't on an iPhone - NDTV

For many years, there have been several debates about which smartphone OS is better — Android, or iOS. Even among the writers of Gadgets 360, there are strong opinions about why some choose one over the other. But, fact of the matter is that the two ...and more »

Google Won't Play in China - Bloomberg

Alphabet Inc.'s Google Play mobile app store may finally find its way into China. NetEase Inc., China's second-largest online games provider, approached Google to form a joint venture to launch the app download service in the country, The Information ...and more »

NetEase may help Google to launch app store, return to China - South China Morning Post

Google is in talks to make its Google Play application store available in China, taking the first step since 2010 to return at least some of its services to the world's largest market for mobile phones and internet services. NetEase, China's second ...and more »