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Google Play Store vs Apple's App Store - A Comparison - Softpedia News

The two biggest players in the app market are surely Google and Apple with their own dedicated stores for users to find and download applications for almost anything. While Google Play Store features a greater number of apps, the App Store is the place ...and more »

Millions of apps could soon be purged from Google Play Store - The Next Web

Over the last 24 hours, Google has been sending notices to developers worldwide stating its intention to “limit visibility” or remove apps from the Play Store that violate the company's User Data policy. For most devs, the violation seems to be a ...and more »

Google may lean on a partner to sell Android apps in China - Engadget

Google's presence in China is limited, to put it mildly, but it might have found a way to get its foot in the door. The Information sources claim that Chinese internet veteran NetEase is talking to Google about launching the Play Store in China. There ...and more »

Enterprise Android Vs iOS: Which is More Secure? - Dark Reading

Both iOS and Android come with features that are designed to further secure enterprise applications over and above the security level of standard consumer apps. Both operating systems offer some way of segmenting enterprise data from user profile data, ...and more »

Lukewarm Welcome - Bloomberg

Tim Culpan is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering technology. He previously covered technology for Bloomberg News. Read more opinion Follow @tculpan on Twitter. SHARE THIS ARTICLE. Share · Tweet · Post · Email · ALPHABET INC-CL A. +7.16.and more »

No, really this time: A censored Google Play Store for China is coming... at some point, maybe - Android Police

A report out of everyone's favorite scoop pay-wall The Information has revealed that Google is still trying to launch the Play Store in China. This is... not surprising. However, The Information says Google is now trying to work with a domestic Chinese ...and more »

How to avoid fake apps and stay private online - Creative Boom (blog)

When you search for an app on Apple or Google's Play store, there will be a list of options that resemble the original app, but are actually fake copies. Even though Apple and Google are extremely tough on scrutinising apps, new malicious versions ...and more »

Six Things You Can Do on Android That You Can't on an iPhone - NDTV

For many years, there have been several debates about which smartphone OS is better — Android, or iOS. Even among the writers of Gadgets 360, there are strong opinions about why some choose one over the other. But, fact of the matter is that the two ...and more »

BT defends Google and Android in EU antitrust case - Engadget

Google has found an unlikely ally in one of its many battles with the European Commission. As the Telegraph reports, UK telecoms provider BT has sent a letter defending Google's ownership of Android and the promotion of its own apps and services.and more »

Seven Ways That iPhones Are Better Than Android Mobiles - NDTV

In a previous article, we spoke of a few things that you can do on an Android phone, that you just can't on an iPhone. Today, we will tell you the other side of the story. Although some of you may think Android is functionally superior than iOS ...and more »