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No one is safe from hacking on Twitter — not even Marvel superheroes - Washington Post

These days, no one is safe from hacking — not even Marvel superheroes. A group of Marvel and Netflix Twitter accounts were hacked Wednesday morning by OurMine, a hacker group that says it targets high-profile social media accounts to advertise its ...and more »

How to find out if your Netflix has been hacked — and easily fix it in under 5 minutes - Business Insider

The Twitter account is back under Netflix's control, but the incident reminded me that people routinely have their own Netflix accounts hacked, and many don't know. Just a few weeks ago, a colleague of mine noticed some suspicious viewing activity of ...and more »

Netflix's Twitter hacked by OurMine — here's everything we know so far - Mic

A hacking collective known to infiltrate social media accounts of the tech elite has a fresh new target: our beloved Netflix. OurMine, a three-person hacking collective, sent a tweet from the Netflix U.S. account on Wednesday morning stating: "Hey, it ...and more »

Marvel Studios Twitter Accounts Hacked - Hollywood Reporter

Twitter accounts for some of Marvel Studios' upcoming films were hacked Wednesday, with the group OurMine taking responsibility. Accounts for Marvel Entertainment's main Twitter handle, as well as its Avengers, Black Panther, Captain America and ...and more »

Netflix US Twitter account hacked - BBC News

The Netflix US Twitter account - with 2.5m followers - has been compromised by a hacker group. The group, OurMine, posted tweets promoting its own website and services. However, the tweets were removed about an hour after the first one appeared ...and more »

Netflix hack: White hats, or digital robber barons? - Christian Science Monitor

OurMine claims to hack large organizations in order to help improve their network security. But is this collective rooted in benevolence or profit? Joseph Dussault. Staff | @josephdussault. December 21, 2016 —Netflix and Marvel became the latest ...and more »

Pow! Captain America and other Marvel heroes defeated by bad passwords - Naked Security

The hacker group OurMine has turned its firepower on the Twitter accounts of some of our favorite heroes from the Marvel Comics universe, as well as Netflix. Yesterday, the group hijacked Netflix's twitter account and sent a message to the company's 2 ...and more »

OurMine hackers hack Marvel and Netflix Twitter accounts - Hack Read

OurMine hacking group are back and this time they hacked and took over the official Twitter accounts of Netflix US and Marvel entertainment in a hack attack that took place on Wednesday morning. The group OurMine is known for using stolen passwords ...and more »

Marvel, Captain America, NFL Twitter Accounts Also Hacked by OurMine - Softpedia News

​After hacking the official Twitter account of NetFlix, OurMine managed to breach some other accounts as well, including those belonging to Marvel and the NFL. While it's not exactly clear how the hacking group managed to break into so many accounts at ...and more »

Netflix, Marvel Twitter Accounts Taken Over by Hackers - Variety

No, this wasn't a viral ad for an upcoming hacker drama: Notorious hacking group OurMine took over Marvel's and Netflix's Twitter accounts Wednesday morning, declaring in tweets: “Don't worry, we are just testing your security.” Netflix was apparently ...and more »