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Subway Riders Rise Up To Clean Swastikas From New York Train - Huffington Post

Symbols of hate transformed into a moment of love and community for New York City subway riders when they banded together to remove swastikas and other anti-Semitic markings from a train's walls. Rider Gregory Locke had just boarded a train in ...and more »

'We will not let hate win': New Yorkers erase subway swastikas with hand sanitizer - Washington Post

On the subway in a train car beneath Manhattan, the group of strangers stared at the windows and advertisements in silence. In black permanent marker, someone had drawn the kinds of anti-Semitic symbols and phrases that have been appearing across New ...and more »

How to erase permanent-marker graffiti - Popular Science

This weekend, an anonymous passenger defaced a New York subway car with Nazi symbolism and scrawled hate speech, drawn in permanent marker. When other subway riders saw the marks, they erased the damage with a simple tool: hand sanitizer. Permanent ...and more »

New Yorkers unite to scrub hateful graffiti from subway - KXLF Butte News

Gregory Locke was enjoying his Saturday night after dinner with friends in Manhattan when he boarded the No. 1 subway train at 50th Street to head uptown. Almost immediately, he knew something was up. "Everybody was sitting there stunned," said Locke ...and more »

A subway car full of New Yorkers came together to erase Nazi graffiti with hand sanitizer - Business Insider

new york subway crowded Michael Semensohn / flickr On Saturday night, New York based-lawyer Gregory Locke posted on Facebook that, earlier in the night, he had entered a New York City subway car with advertisements covered in Nazi imagery. After a ...and more »

Subway Riders Scrub Anti-Semitic Graffiti, as 'Decent Human Beings' - History News Network (HNN)

The car's windows and posters were covered in anti-Semitic graffiti. Messages like “Jews belong in the oven” and “destroy Israel, Heil Hitler,” had been written over subway maps, as shown by photographs taken on the train. Swastikas were drawn in black ...and more »

New Yorkers Join Forces To Remove Swastikas From Subway Car - Gothamist

Lately, it seems like there have been more incidents of swastikas being drawn on subway train cars than there used to be. However, the latest swastika sighting came with a hopeful and inspiring story from one commuter who worked with fellow ...and more »

Subway riders use unusual method to zap swastikas - USA TODAY

(NEWSER) – Houston made headlines first over the weekend, after a swastika was drawn in chalk on Rice University's statue of William Marsh Rice on Friday night. As CNN reports, it was the first of three such incidents to occur in different pockets of ...and more »

Passengers On A NYC Subway Worked Together To Remove Nazi Graffiti And People Are Inspired - BuzzFeed News

"'I guess this is Trump's America,' said one passenger. No sir, it's not. Not tonight and not ever. Not as long as stubborn New Yorkers have anything to say about it." Originally posted on February 4, 2017, at 11:31 p.m.. Updated on February 5, 2017 ...and more »

New Yorkers band together to clean Swastika-covered subway car - New York Post

New Yorkers teamed up to remove swastikas and anti-Semitic messages scrawled onto a subway — less than a day after the Nazi symbol was found on a separate train. The story of straphangers springing into action to eliminate the hate-covered train car ...and more »