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Nokia mobile phone save man's life in Afghanistan by stopping bullet - Khaama Press (press release) (blog)

nokia-saves-life-in-afghanistan An old Nokia mobile has saved a man's life in Afghanistan after a stopping a bullet to penetrate the man's body, it has been reported. The news and incredible images regarding the incident became viral after the former ...and more »

Nokia Phone Saves Man's Life by Allegedly Stopping Bullet - NDTV

The Nokia phones of yesteryears have long been considered nearly indestructible, but the new ones aren't too bad either. A Nokia feature phone is reported to have recently taken a bullet for its owner – literally – and saved his life. According to a ...and more »

Can a phone stop a bullet? Nokia reportedly saves man's life -

If you were alive in the early noughties you probably know that Nokia is renowned for making indestructible phones. The 3310 was the subject of endless online strength jokes, such as "Tried to bury a Nokia 3310 with a digger. It was back on my table ...and more »

This Nokia phone took a bullet, saves man's life - Economic Times

A Nokia 301 reportedly saved a man's life in Afghanistan when a bullet lodged in the device. This is not the first time that a phone has stopped a bullet. Here are other incidents when phones have prevented a bullet from hitting its owners. 1/7 ...and more »

Did this Nokia 301 save a man's life by stopping a bullet? - TechSpot

When the Nokia 3310 was released back in the year 2000, it gained a reputation as the Chuck Norris of cell phones. If it were on the Mohs scale of hardness, the 3310 would knock diamond off the top spot. But it seems the more recent Nokia handsets – a ...and more »

Man's Life Saved In Afghanistan As Nokia Phone Stops Bullet - ValueWalk

Finnish brand Nokia has a reputation for making phones that last forever, and this latest story is testament to their durability. As the legend goes, phones made by Nokia are pretty much indestructible. Stories abound of the handsets being found years ...and more »

Did an old Nokia 301 save a man's life? Mobile is said to have taken a BULLET in Afghanistan - Daily Mail

An old Nokia has saved a man's life in Afghanistan after a bullet hit the handset, it has been claimed. Incredible images show a bullet lodged in the device, with the tip sticking out of the phone's smashed screen. The pictures were tweeted by former ...and more »

Nokia Does Stop Bullets: Afghan Man Allegedly Owes Life To Budget-Friendly But Super Tough Nokia 301 - The Inquisitr

A Nokia phone is indeed one of the toughest out there. The budget-friendly device proved as much after it allegedly stopped and absorbed the full impact of a bullet in Afghanistan. Nokia's older phones have been praised for their indestructibility ...and more »

The Next Big Thing: Bulletproof vests built with Nokia phones - Samaa Tv

KABUL: Nokia phones may be having trouble keeping up with the modern day smart phones, but they're surely a stronger bet when it comes to exhibiting strength. Peter Skillman, Microsoft's General Manager of Core UX for Windows Desktop, Tablet and Phone ...and more »

Nokia phone saves a man's life by stopping a bullet - BGR India

Is your smartphone bulletproof? No, don't even think of trying to test it, especially if you don't use a Nokia phone. Marcia Sekhose; @marciasekhose; Updated: October 6, 2016 1:20 PM IST. 0 Shares. Facebook share · Twitter share · Share on Google+ ...and more »