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Gear VR owners can now beam what they're seeing to a TV, courtesy of Chromecast - New Atlas

One of the many nice things about PC-based VR is the ability to display what the headset wearer is seeing on a monitor. It can take what would otherwise be a solo experience and add a social element: allowing your friends to cheer (or jeer) you on ...and more »

Gear VR now supports Chromecast: Here's how to stream VR to your TV -

That means, if you own a Gear VR, you will be able to use Chromecast to stream (or "cast") your virtual reality experience to your TV so that your friends or whoever else is nearby can join in on the fun by being able to see what you're doing inside ...and more »

Gear VR streams to your TV thanks to Google Cast - Engadget

For as much fun as you can have donning a VR rig and slipping into a virtual environment these days, it's still pretty awkward to watch as an outside observer. Now that Google has partially solved the VR spectator problem by building Cast into the next ...and more »

You Can Now Share Your Samsung Gear VR Experience With Friends And Family Thanks To Chromecast - Tech Times

Thanks to that, you can now share your VR experiences with your friends and family — as long as you have Google's streaming dongle that's plugged into a TV, that is. Gear VR Gets Chromecast Support. Before this, only VR devices powered by desktops and ...and more »

Oculus adds Chromecast streaming support for the Gear VR - TechCrunch

Oculus is still trying to show people what virtual reality is like when they aren't the ones wearing the headsets. In March, the company introduced Facebook live-streaming to the platform, and today, the company is making it even easier for you to ...and more »

Oculus Just Solved Gear VR's Biggest Problem - Tom's Guide

Samsung's Gear VR no longer has to be a solitary experience. Oculus said it's added Chromecast support to Gear VR. With the feature, announced this week, you'll be able to stream your Gear VR "experiences" to your television by using Chromecast. Gear ...and more »

Samsung's Gear VR Headset Becomes More Social With Chromecast Support - Variety

To start casting, Gear VR users just need the latest version of the Oculus mobile app for Android. Users then launch a cast session from that app, put their phone into the headset, and bystanders will be able to watch all the action unfold on TV ...and more »

Chromecast support arrives on Gear VR - SlashGear

Those of you with a Gear VR will probably like to hear that Samsung and Oculus have brought Chromecast functionality to the VR headset today. With this new functionality, you'll be able to stream the content you see through Chromecast, for instance ...and more »

Oculus just added Chromecast support to Samsung Gear VR - TechRadar

Virtual reality may be enthralling for the user behind the goggles, but it's not exactly riveting for spectators who can only see you oooh-ing and ahh-ing at some unseen splendor. That's why, starting today, Oculus is adding Chromecast support to the ...and more »

Gear VR Beats Daydream To Chromecast Support - UploadVR

Mobile VR is taking yet more strides to becoming more social; Oculus and Samsung's Gear VR mobile headset will soon be getting Chromecast support. Integration arrives via the latest edition of the Oculus Android app and the wider Android OS. That means ...and more »