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Pigeon Air Patrol to the rescue! Birds with backpacks track air pollution - CNN International

(CNN) It could seem like a bird-brained idea: relying on a team of pigeons to carry out scientific studies on air quality. But chances are, you've never seen a squad of pigeons wear backpacks quite like this. Our #PigeonAir patrol are all roosting and ...and more »

Pigeon patrol takes flight to tackle London's air pollution crisis - The Guardian

Flock of racing pigeons equipped with pollution sensor and Twitter account take to the skies in bid to raise awareness of capital's illegally dirty air. Adam Vaughan · @adamvaughan_uk. Mon 14 Mar 2016 11.38 EDT Last modified on Fri 11 May 2018 08.11 ...and more »

A pigeon pollution patrol is flying around London wearing tiny backpacks - The Verge

Ten pigeons with tiny backpacks are flying over London for the next two days monitoring the city's pollution levels. Pigeon Patrol, as they're called by the companies behind the project, are live tweeting the pollution data at their account @PigeonAir ...and more »

How a flock of pigeons fitted with sensors are helping to beat pollution in London - Evening Standard

The newest weapon in London's ongoing war on the 'airpocalypse' is a flock of hi-tech feathered friends, says Rosamund Urwin. ROSAMUND URWIN; Monday 14 March 2016 11:54. Click to follow. ES Lifestyle. pigeon patrol ( Jon Cartwright/Flickr ...and more »

Twitter and Paris' Plume Labs launch pigeons with air pollution sensors over skies of London - VentureBeat

Perhaps it was only a matter of time before Twitter actually started working with real, live birds. The company with a bird logo that gave us the “tweet” has partnered with Plume Labs of Paris and DigitasLBi to launch a flock of Internet-connected ...and more »

Pigeon Air Patrol takes to the skies over London to monitor air pollution levels - The Independent

A team of sensor-equipped pigeons has taken to the skies over London in order to monitor the capital's notoriously high pollution levels. Pigeon Air Patrol, as the project is known, was created by Plume Labs, a startup currently crowdfunding the Plume ...and more »

London gets a flock of air pollution monitoring pigeons -

Pigeons wearing backpacks with air quality sensors are now flying around London. Half a dozen racing pigeons have been released into the capital with GPS devices and a 35g sensor to measure levels of nitrogen dioxide being produced in the city.and more »

This team has built adorable tiny backpacks for pigeons to track air pollution - TechCrunch

It's time to take wearable devices to the next level. Plume Labs and DigitasLBi have teamed up for an interesting experiment. What if pigeons could fly around London with tiny backpacks to measure air pollution during peak hours? I'm not sure if they ...and more »

Pigeon patrol gives air pollution study a flying start - Imperial College London

Pigeons have been road testing wearable sensors that will provide air pollution data for Imperial research. Air pollution is a serious and growing problem across the UK, with parts of London breaching annual air pollution limits in the first week of ...and more »

Pigeons With Backpacks Are Fighting Air Pollution in London - CityLab

London has an unusual new weapon in the fight against pollution: pigeons with backpacks. A new project called Pigeon Air Patrol is sending out birds strapped with tiny harnesses to fly across the U.K. capital during the next few days. Inside each ...and more »