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Samsung finally explained what caused the Galaxy Note 7 explosions - Quartz

Samsung would like you to believe that engineering—not mismanagement—were what caused its phones to explode. Today (Jan. 23), the South Korean tech giant finally revealed the origins of the Galaxy Note 7 explosions that happened last summer during ...and more »

Samsung Finally Reveals Why the Note 7 Kept Exploding - WIRED

After months of silence following a global recall of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone last October, Samsung disclosed its lengthy findings as to what caused the device's batteries to overheat and catch fire. Based on the company's own investigation and ...and more »

Samsung blames two different battery flaws for the Note 7 fires - Engadget

Well, after months of speculation, Samsung has finally announced the results of its Galaxy Note 7 investigation. The official line: those fires were caused by two distinct battery flaws (just as a recent report suggested), not a hardware or software ...and more »

Samsung answers burning Note 7 questions, vows better batteries - CNET

Sure, blame the batteries. But it's not quite that simple. During a press conference Sunday, Samsung said two separate battery defects caused both the original batch of Galaxy Note 7 phones and the replacement units to overheat. The first battery, it ...and more »

Samsung Finally Opens Up On Investigation Into Note 7 Fires: Blame The Batteries - Forbes

The main culprit behind the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fires was defective batteries, according to an internal investigation released by Samsung on Sunday. The issue with the first version of the Note 7 -- with what Samsung calls "Battery A" -- was that the ...and more »

Samsung's profits soared in 2016 but its exploding Note 7s hit mobile sales hard -

Despite exploding phones and corruption scandals, Samsung has reported its highest profit jump for three years. The tech giant made an operating profit of 9.22 trillion won (£6.32 billion) on total revenue of 53.3 trillion won (£3.56 bn) in Q4 of 2016.and more »

The Galaxy S8's launch is officially delayed, and that's a good thing - BGR

Samsung's next flagship phone will be the Galaxy S8, and the company officially confirmed that it won't be unveiled as soon as sone might have hoped. However, that's not a bad thing, and it all has to do with the Galaxy Note 7. Don't Miss: Security ...and more »

Samsung Explains Note 7 Battery Explosions, And Turns Crisis Into Opportunity - Forbes

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 to record preorders and sales in August, but the rosy start soon turned sour. Samsung had to initiate a recall in September of the first version of the Note 7 due to faulty batteries that overheated and exploded. By ...and more »

Samsung says two separate battery issues were to blame for all of its Galaxy Note 7 problems - Recode

Samsung has an answer for what went wrong with the Galaxy Note 7, but it may not be a very satisfying one. After months of investigating, Samsung is pinning all the blame on two separate battery flaws, insisting nothing was wrong with the phone itself.and more »

With its Note 7 apology, Samsung finally gets something right - Engadget

After the furor over flaming phones had mostly subsided, Samsung moved to end the Note 7 fiasco once and for all. Last Sunday, Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh -- along with a cadre of technical experts -- laid out exactly what caused the company's ...and more »