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Best Android Phone for Gamers in 2018 - Android Central

When considering the best phone for gamers, it comes down to three considerations: performance, display, and battery life. The Galaxy S9 check all of those boxes as it soundly bumps its predecessor from the top spot on this list. Maintaining a nearly ...and more »

Best Android Phone Under $700 in 2018 - Android Central

The smaller of Google's Pixel phones is fantastic, thanks to a no-nonsense design and plenty of features to get enthusiasts and average users alike excited. For a starting price of $649, the Google Pixel 2 mirrors the last 5-inch flagship with a ...and more »

Best Android Phones with Expandable Storage - Android Central

The Galaxy S9 series takes what made the Galaxy S8 so good and fixes many of the minor irritations, including the placement of the rear fingerprint sensor. The screen is brighter, the software feels smoother thanks to a faster processor, and the camera ...and more »

Samsung's exploding phones are causing a nightmare for the company in China - Business Insider

Samsung's problems with the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone didn't stop at a global recall after several models of the phone exploded. The company is facing a growing backlash from Chinese customers and even the country's government after it refused to recall ...and more »

Images of exploded iPhone 7 posted on Reddit bring comparisons to Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 -

Reddit user kroopthesnoop posted images of the torched gadget, along with burnt packaging, on behalf of a co-worker. Apparently, the 5.5-inch phone arrived that way and "something happened between the factory and delivery." Read More. Samsung Galaxy S8 ...and more »

Samsung 'confident' it has solved Galaxy Note7 battery problems after phones 'catch fire' -

Samsung says it is "confident" it has solved the battery issues of its Galaxy Note7 smartphone after multiple reports of the device overheating and catching fire. The tech giant issued a global recall of the handset in early September, on the eve of ...and more »

Samsung Galaxy retains No.1 spot in brand value despite recall - The Korea Herald

Samsung's flagship Samsung Galaxy topped the list of the top 100 Korean brands in the third quarter of this year despite the ongoing global recall of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, a local brand research company said Monday. According to Brand Stock ...and more »

People in wealthier states prefer iPhones over Samsung Galaxy phones - Business Insider

If you live in a higher-income state, it's likely you own an iPhone. That's according to new data out from internet marketing company WebpageFX, which analyzed data from 30 million mobile device users. The data showed that two-thirds of cell phone ...and more »

iPhone 7 explodes on its way from Apple, Reddit user claims - The Independent

An iPhone has exploded on its way to its owner, in a grim echo of the problems afflicting Samsung's new Note 7. Pictures of the phone – which appears to have set on fire, exploded apart and burnt the packaging it comes in – are spreading like wildfire ...and more »

When Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone forced Amitabh Bachchan to protest on Twitter - Financial Express

More trouble for the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7! This time, it is none other than superstar Amitabh Bachchan venting some fury at the beleaguered company's fire-prone smartphone which he is not being able to use to full potential. He is blaming ...and more »