An alternative to opioids? Compound from marine snail is potent pain reliever - Phys.Org

The compound (RgIA) in the study was obtained from the venom of Conus regius, the royal cone. Credit: My Huynh. A tiny snail may offer an alternative to opioids for pain relief. Scientists at the University of Utah have found a compound that blocks ...and more »

Snail venom could knock out pain – and opioid addiction - New Atlas

With an epidemic of addiction to opioid painkillers on the rise, researchers say they've found an alternative for pain relief from an unlikely source – a small snail found in the Caribbean Sea. Scientists from the University of Utah say the little cone ...and more »

Sea Snail Venom Could Provide a New, Long-Lasting Alternative to Opioid Painkillers - ScienceAlert

A compound found in the venom of sea snails has been discovered to block pain, and does so by targeting a different molecular pathway to that used by opioid painkillers. With estimates that more than 90 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose, ...and more »

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Scientists from the US suggest. “Small snail venom could be used to develop a treatment for chronic pain”. Normally used to disable or kill its kind, venom also appears to act as long-lasting pain relief. Study done on rats' shows that the compound ...and more »

Sea snail venom 'could treat chronic pain' - ITV News

The Conus regius snail is found in the Caribbean Credit: James St. John via Flickr CC. The venom from a small sea snail could be used to create a treatment for people who suffer with chronic pain, new research suggests. While the venom is normally used ...and more »

Snail venom compound 'offers chronic pain therapy' - BBC News

Venom from a small snail could be used to develop a treatment for chronic pain, scientists from the US suggest. Normally used to paralyse or kill its prey, the venom also contains a compound that appears to act as long-lasting pain relief. In research ...and more »

Marine snail could offer opioid alternative -

"What is particularly exciting about these results is the aspect of prevention," said researcher J. Michael McIntosh. By Brooks Hays | Feb. 20, 2017 at 5:19 PM. Comments 0 Comments. share with facebook. share with twitter. The venom used by a tiny sea ...and more »

Biotech startup tries unique weapon in fight against chronic pain and opioid addiction: snail venom - GeekWire

The shell of the Conus regius, or crown cone snail. The snail's venom provides the basis for a new painkiller. (Wikimedia Commons Photo / Nick Zantop). If you didn't know snails could be venomous, you're not alone. But it turns out some are, and a ...and more »

Sea-Snail venom, better painkiller than Opioids - Business Recorder (press release) (registration) (blog)

A chemical compound found in sea snails venom has been discovered to block pain by targeting various different neural synapses, same as the ones used by opioid painkillers. A new treatment prepared from the venom compound could offer a far better ...and more »

Tiny sea snail venom found to contain powerful non-opioid painkiller - SlashGear

Opioid painkillers are up to the task of tackling pain, but they also come with a terrible side effect: a very high potential for severe addition that can be hard to break. The medical community has long sought alternatives to opioids that would be as ...and more »