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Pokémon Go is coming to the Apple Watch - The Verge

Pokémon Go will soon be available on the Apple Watch, Niantic Labs announced at today's Apple event. The Apple Watch app will display how far the player needs to walk to hatch an egg, the required experience points to reach the next level, and ...and more »

With 500M downloads, Pokémon Go is coming to the Apple Watch - TechCrunch

Oh boy, here we go — John Hanke, CEO of Niantic Labs, just told the world that Pokémon Go is coming to the Apple Watch on stage at Apple's iPhone 7 event. The game has become one of the most successful game launches of all time (if not the most ...and more »

Pokémon Go becomes the fastest game to ever hit $500 million in revenue - TechCrunch

Pokémon Go has achieved a number of records since its debut – the most downloaded app in its first week ever and the fastest to reach 50 million installs on Google Play, for example – but now you can add one more to the list: the fastest mobile game to ...and more »

Pokémon GO Plus Wearable On Sale 16th September - Forbes

The much-delayed Pokémon GO Plus wearable device is finally set to go on sale. The mobile game accessory is available to pre-order (again) now, and will ship on 16th September. Originally, pre-orders opened when the official pricing was revealed at E3 ...and more »

Pokémon GO is Coming to the Apple Watch…Kind of - Futurism

Pokémon GO for Apple Watch was one of the surprises unveiled in Apple's event yesterday. The successful mobile game is braving the wearables market, and the Apple Watch is the first step. Pokémon GO is coming to Apple Watch! Well, sort of. It's coming ...and more »

The Pokémon Go Plus wearable will launch next week - The Verge

The Pokémon Go Plus wearable will be released on September 16th, developer Niantic Labs has announced, almost two months after its planned launch date. The $35 device — a wrist-mounted BlueTooth sensor that vibrates when pokémon and pokéstops are near ...and more »

Pokémon Go has been downloaded 500 million times - Polygon

Pokémon Go has been downloaded over 500 million times since making its debut in July. Ever since Pokémon Go took the world by storm, the exact scale of its dominance has been the subject of much conjecture and estimation, but Niantic CEO John Hanke ...and more »

Pokémon Go is coming to Apple Watch to get you outside and on the go - Macworld

A version of Pokémon Go is coming to the Apple Watch, together with a new feature that better tracks how far you need to walk before your Pokémon “eggs” hatch within the game. Pokémon Go for Apple Watch will ship before the end of the year, John Hanke ...and more »

Pokémon Go players have walked far enough to reach the sun from Neptune - South China Morning Post

Niantic, the company that makes Pokémon Go, announced some amazing numbers at the Apple event. John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, said at Apple's iPhone event that players have covered a whopping 4.6 billion kilometers since the game's July 6 release. For ...and more »

10 photos of how Pokémon Go will look on the Apple Watch - INSIDER

Niantic gave a live demonstration of the app in action. The game is expected to be released by the end of the year. That's good news for anyone who has been waiting for the delayed Pokémon Go Plus wrist accessory. Keep reading to see how Pokémon Go ...and more »