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Three ways the 'NotPetya' cyberattack is more complex than WannaCry - The Conversation AU

The WannaCry ransomware was barely out of the headlines when another cyberattack took down computer systems around the world. This time, a piece of malware dubbed “NotPetya” is to blame. And unlike WannaCry, it has no clear “kill switch” as it ...and more »

More than half of major malware attack's victims are industrial targets - TechCrunch

A new report from cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs examining the targets — and intended effects — of this week's massive malware attack comes up with some significant insights. The attack, initially believed to be a variation of commercial malware ...and more »

'NotPetya' ransomware attack shows corporate social responsibility should include cybersecurity - The Conversation US

As the “NotPetya” ransomware attack spreads around the world, it's making clear how important it is for everyone – and particularly corporations – to take cybersecurity seriously. The companies affected by this malware include power utilities, banks ...and more »

The NotPetya Ransomware May Actually Be A Devastating Cyberweapon - Forbes

Earlier this week a nasty new ransomware strain began infecting PCs around the world. The malware, called NotPetya, spread faster than the notorious WannaCry ransomware. Its rapid proliferation wasn't the only thing that set NotPetya apart. Just days ...and more »

Tuesday's massive ransomware outbreak was, in fact, something much worse - Ars Technica

Tuesday's massive outbreak of malware that shut down computers around the world has been almost universally blamed on ransomware, which by definition seeks to make money by unlocking data held hostage only if victims pay a hefty fee. Now, some ...and more »

Ransomware attacks: Here's what we need to learn from WannaCry and Petya - TechRepublic

Two massive ransomware attacks in less than two months have caused chaos across the globe. First came WannaCry—which hit the UK's NHS particularly hard—and likely infected about 300,000 PCs worldwide — and this week a new variant of Petya ...and more »

Nuance still down after Petya cyberattack, offers customers alternative tools - Healthcare IT News

Nuance Communications, a major provider of voice and language tools is still down on Thursday after it was knocked down by the global NotPetya cyberattack on Tuesday. Portions of the network were knocked following the attack, officials told its customers.and more »

Crime Group Behind 'Petya' Ransomware Resurfaces to Distance Itself From This Week's Global Cyberattacks - Gizmodo

Janus Cybercrime Solutions, the author of Petya—the ransomware initially attributed with Tuesday's global cyberattacks—resurfaced on Twitter late Wednesday, seemingly offering to help those whose files can no longer be recovered. The altruistic ...and more »

Petya: Is it ransomware or cyberwarfare? - CSO Online

The Petya ransomware attack was announced as headline news in major media outlets globally earlier this week. At first blush, infected organizations were asking themselves, "Should we or shouldn't we?" Pay the ransom, that is. Not long after the Petya ...and more »

Surprise! NotPetya Is a Cyber-Weapon. It's Not Ransomware - BleepingComputer

The NotPetya ransomware that encrypted and locked thousands of computers across the globe yesterday and today is, in reality, a disk wiper meant to sabotage and destroy computers, and not ransomware. This is the conclusion of two separate reports ...and more »