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Tokyo 42 review: A beautiful isometric action game that misses the mark - Ars Technica

Links: Steam | Official Website With a wry smile and referential wit, Tokyo 42—a sci-fi, isometric action game from indie developer Smac and publisher Mode 7—borrows generously from seminal genre staples like Bladerunner. Almost everything about ...and more »

Tokyo 42 Review - PC Invasion (blog)

Tokyo 42 is one of those wonderful games, in that you can probably tell if it's your sort of thing based solely on an initial description. Here we go: Tokyo 42 is the love-child of Grand Theft Auto (the original one, not the 3D sequels) and Syndicate ...and more »

Tokyo 42 - IGN

This future set stealth-action game has no shortage of style, but unreliable combat controls and all too apparent glitches prevent it from being a complete hit. By Tristan Ogilvie When played strictly as a stealth game, Tokyo 42 is a total blast. As a ...and more »

Tokyo 42 review: Style and substance clash in this open world indie shooter - International Business Times UK

Tokyo 42's action takes place in bustling, brightly-coloured cityscapes laid out like delicate dioramas, but the neon-lit sights disguise a seedy criminal underworld. Civilians move freely, swarming over the world like ants on an errant doughnut ...and more »

Tokyo 42 PC review - PCGamesN

You awake in your miniscule, boxy flat to a breaking news report about an assassination. Police are closing in on the killer's building; the news channel say they're going live to a camera within the assassin's apartment. The TV screen shows a cell ...and more »

Tokyo 42 Review – Tons of Style - CGMagazine

Tokyo 42 handed me a gun in the first few minutes and told me to have at it. That's a damn good way to start a game. The minutes that follow are just as compelling. You—as in you, the player—need to get acquitted of a murder you didn't commit by ...and more »

Review: Tokyo 42 - Destructoid

There's a neon heart at the center of Tokyo 42's cyberpunk playground. The isometric, open-world action game feels as though it could fit in your hands; a diorama of sleek architecture meant to be spun and examined from every angle. Its mix of winding ...and more »

Indie isometric shooter game Tokyo 42 launches on Steam -

Indie development studio SMAC Games has announced it has released the indie isometic shooter game Tokyo 42. Framed for a murder you didn't commit, players delve into a world of assassins, deadly corporate intrigue and cats as they explore a hand ...and more »

Tokyo 42 review: 'Not the game it could have been' -

Tokyo 42 has all the hallmarks of a great indie game. Its fictional dystopian world of “micro Tokyo” is distinct, vibrant and unique; its isometric action gameplay is fast-paced but, at least on the surface, and inventive, allowing players to create ...and more »

Inside the stylish, cyberpunk future of Tokyo 42 - The Verge

Early on in Tokyo 42, I found myself being chased through a busy thoroughfare by gun-wielding thugs. Civilians rushed off in every direction as bullets whizzed past, and flickering electronic billboards only added to the visual madness. I managed to ...and more »