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The Good, The Bad And The Misunderstood Of 'YouTube Heroes' - Techdirt

As you may have heard, YouTube has announced a new program called YouTube Heroes that offers the community incentives to help "create the best possible YouTube experience for everyone." There's one part of the system that set off alarm bells for every ...and more »

'YouTube Heroes' program turns users into a neighborhood watch - The Daily Dot

Just about anyone can upload anything onto YouTube in minutes. It can be difficult for staff to monitor the site and ensure content abides to YouTube's regulations. To fix this, YouTube introduced its “YouTube Heroes” program this week, where users ...and more »

YouTube Heroes will help keep the website's comments clean - Engadget

If you've ever ventured into YouTube's comments, you know how nasty things can get. To help it purge all the bad juju the section brings, the video-sharing website is enlisting the help of volunteers called "Heroes." It's an expanded version of the ...and more »

YouTube Heroes program rewards people who report videos - BetaNews

Google has launched a new reward scheme that offers incentives for users to report videos that violate the site's guidelines. YouTube Heroes program also enables YouTubers to earn points for doing things like adding subtitles to a video and responding ...and more »

New YouTube offensiveness offensive offends users. - Washington Post

The Internet, as everyone knows, is riddled with racist, sexist, sadist ranters, not to mention trolls, stalkers, savage bullies and inciters of mayhem, from sextortion to child pornography to terrorism. A whole industry now exists of “moderators ...and more »

YouTube enlists 'heroes' to fight against nasty comments and porn - CNET

YouTube can be a mess sometimes. While it's great for watching vloggers, tutorials and that latest viral music video, it's also home to some pretty dark behavior. In an attempt to curb the bullying, hate-speech and sexually explicit content that often ...and more »

YouTube Heroes Will Let Users Earn Rewards By Flagging Videos, More - SocialTimes

YouTube introduced its YouTube Heroes program, which will allow “Hero” users to earn rewards by flagging inappropriate videos, adding captions and subtitles to videos and more. To start, YouTube said the YouTube Heroes program is available to “a select ...and more »

YouTube Heroes is recruiting users to clean up comments - Social Barrel (blog)

YouTube wants your help to fight nasty comments on their site. Are you ready to become a member of YouTube Heroes? YouTube Heroes. Source: How many of you spend any amount ...and more »