YouTube Heroes will help keep the website's comments clean - Engadget

If you've ever ventured into YouTube's comments, you know how nasty things can get. To help it purge all the bad juju the section brings, the video-sharing website is enlisting the help of volunteers called "Heroes." It's an expanded version of the ...and more »

'YouTube Heroes' program turns users into a neighborhood watch - The Daily Dot

Just about anyone can upload anything onto YouTube in minutes. It can be difficult for staff to monitor the site and ensure content abides to YouTube's regulations. To fix this, YouTube introduced its “YouTube Heroes” program this week, where users ...and more »

YouTube is looking to clean itself up and it wants your help - Neowin

YouTube is well-known for the number of toxic comments and lack of proper discourse or manners in the section below its videos. It's also known for the large number of inappropriate videos and content that's posted on its servers daily. But the company ...and more »

New YouTube offensiveness offensive offends users. - Washington Post

The Internet, as everyone knows, is riddled with racist, sexist, sadist ranters, not to mention trolls, stalkers, savage bullies and inciters of mayhem, from sextortion to child pornography to terrorism. A whole industry now exists of “moderators ...and more »

YouTube enlists 'heroes' to fight against nasty comments and porn - CNET

YouTube can be a mess sometimes. While it's great for watching vloggers, tutorials and that latest viral music video, it's also home to some pretty dark behavior. In an attempt to curb the bullying, hate-speech and sexually explicit content that often ...and more »

Who wants to be hero? - Deccan Chronicle

If there is one proud place Google can mark on its virtual jungle of products and services, that's nothing other than YouTube. Having stood the test of time, here's where Google lays thrust on building a community up now. In mid-September, the first ...and more »

It's Official: YouTube Unrolls Soviet Stasi Censorship Snitch Program - Daily Squib (satire)

LONDON – England – The Daily Squib found out what it is like to be censored for politically sensitive stuff in 2013 when our site was nearly erased from the internet, and our YouTube channel limited, delisted. To go from large volumes of traffic to ...and more »

YouTube Heroes is messy attempt at community moderation - Tech2

Google launched a community moderation program called YouTube heroes. The program rewards users for replying to questions in the YouTube Help forum, mass flagging videos, adding subtitles, and moderating comments. YouTube content creators are ...and more »

YouTube introduces its Heroes program to help make the platform a safer place - Digital Trends

The heroes of our physical world make the planet a better place and the heroes of YouTube are tasked with a similar responsibility. While YouTube may be a destination for funny clips and cat videos, it is also home to troublesome content, both in terms ...and more »

Here's Why YouTubers Have Some Major Doubts About “YouTube Heroes” - We The Unicorns

Many in the creator community are worried that the reward system for YouTube Heroes will open the platform to even more abuse than before. 49. Earlier this week, YouTube announced an interesting new community-based project dubbed “YouTube Heroes”.and more »