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Explaining the Muslim pilgrimage of hajj - The Conversation US

Muslims start the hajj by circling the Kaaba, the black, cube-shaped house of God. UmmSqueaky, CC BY-NC. Explaining the Muslim pilgrimage of hajj. August 31, 2017 9.09pm EDT. Ken Chitwood. Author. Ken Chitwood. Ph.D. Candidate, Religion in the Americas ...and more »

Incredible scenes as 2000000 Muslims gather on Mount Arafat to atone for their sins - Metro

Two million Muslims gathered at Mount Arafat on Thursday for a vigil to atone for their sins and ask God's forgiveness as the annual haj pilgrimage reaches its climax. Pilgrims clad in white robes spent the night in an encampment around the hill where ...and more »

How European Empires Helped Shape the Hajj - JSTOR Daily

The annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, the Hajj, begins August 30th this year and lasts until September 4th. One of five “pillars” of Islam, the Hajj is an obligatory observation of faith once in the lifetime of every Muslim who is physically and ...and more »

35 Egyptian pilgrims die during Haj pilgrimage - Zee News

The pilgrimage started on August 31, with more than two million pilgrims, including 1.8 million foreigners, expected to participate. IANS| Updated: Sep 03, 2017, 10:41 AM IST. Comments |. Riyadh: Thirty-five Egyptian pilgrims died during the annual Haj ...and more »

Pilgrims return to Mecca as haj winds down without incident - Reuters

MECCA (Reuters) - More than two million pilgrims participating in the haj this week began returning to Mecca on Sunday for final prayers as the world's largest annual gathering of Muslims winds down. Muslims pray at the Grand mosque during the annual ...and more »

Iranians return to annual hajj in Saudi Arabia - PBS NewsHour

Thousands of Iranian pilgrims are participating in an annual hajj in Saudi Arabia this week, signaling small amends between the two countries after a deadly stampede during the religious journey frayed diplomatic ties in 2015. Every year, millions of ...and more »

New Qatari Royal Enters Gulf Feud, Palestinian and Israeli Leaders Confused by US Policy, and Diplomats Try to ... - Lawfare (blog)

The Saudi-led bloc working to isolate Qatar is trying to keep the Gulf feud in the family—both the figurative Gulf Cooperation Council family and the literal Qatari royal family. Earlier this month, Saudi Arabia began publicly courting Sheikh Abdullah ...and more »

Muslim pilgrims converge on Jamarat for symbolic stoning of the devil - The Hindu

Muslim pilgrims collect stones to stone the marks which symbolizes the devil during the annual haj pilgrimage, at Muzdalefa, outside the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia on Thursday. | Photo Credit: Reuters. Reuters. JAMARAT (Saudi Arabia): , September 01 ...and more »

Religious tourism: the white gold of Saudi Arabia - The Daily Star

MINA, Saudi Arabia: With global oil prices flailing, Saudi Arabia is turning to another natural resource: billions of dollars gained from religious tourism as the kingdom hosts the annual hajj pilgrimage. Shops line the packed esplanade of the Great ...and more »

The hajj pilgrimage in numbers - The Daily Star

The hajj pilgrimage draws people from around the world to Saudi Arabia each year. The crowds, squeezed shoulder to shoulder in prayer five times a day, fill the city of Mecca and surrounding areas to perform a number of physically demanding and ...and more »