First-time video captures rare True's beaked whale up from the depths (+video) - Christian Science Monitor

Beaked whales are one of the most mysterious and rarely seen creatures on Earth. A newly released video contains the first images ever captured of a True's beaked whale calf. Monitor's Best: Top 5 ...and more »

Watch: Elusive beaked whale caught on video for the first time - MetroNews Canada

The True's beaked whale typically surfaces for only a few minutes at a time before returning to the depths for dives that can last two hours. Share on Facebook. Tweet. Reddit this! A. A. Report an Error. Share via Email. Print. An expedition group led ...and more »

Underwater footage of True's beaked whale captured for the first time -

Three whales moving in line in the clear blue sea, in the unfeasibly nonchalant manner of something that weighs 3,000 pounds. It's a mesmeric sight made all the more extraordinary when you realise these rarely spotted mammals have finally been caught ...and more »

Rarely seen True's beaked whale caught on film for first time - International Business Times UK

A group of True's beaked whales – an elusive species that spends the vast majority of its time deep underwater – has been filmed for the first time. True's beaked whales don't tend to follow boats and are rarely seen performing aerial acrobatics like ...and more »

One Of The Most Rarely Seen Animals On Earth Was Captured On Film For The First Time - BuzzFeed News

“These are animals the size of elephants that we just can't find. They're a mystery.” posted on Mar. 7, 2017, at 12:30 p.m.. Jason Wells. BuzzFeed News Reporter. Tweet · Tumblr · Stumble. Bookmark it ...and more »

Rare Whale Species Captured on Video for the First Time - TIME

A video of a rare species of whale has been released, marking the first time the whale has been captured on film in the wild. The True's beaked whale has only ever been seen alive by a few people, The Washington Post reports. They are thought to spend ...and more »

Caught on film for the first time: One of the world's rarest whales - Washington Post

Natacha Aguilar de Soto has studied beaked whales for 15 years. She has spent dozens of months at sea, floating above the deepest parts of the ocean, straining her eyes and ears to detect whatever might be moving in the fathoms below. She rarely finds ...and more »

Scientists capture first-ever video of incredibly rare beaked whales - RedOrbit

Because it dives so deep, the True´s beaked whale is almost never seen and consequently, scientists have little information regarding the species' numbers, range and reproduction rate, information vital for conservation efforts. Thanks to newly ...and more »

Elusive Beaked Whales Filmed Swimming Underwater for the First Time - Discover Magazine (blog)

The first underwater images of True's beaked whales offered insights into their coloration patterns and group behavior. (Credit: Roland Edler). True's beaked whale sightings are so rare, that scientists who devote careers to studying these animals may ...and more »

Scientists capture first footage of rare True's beaked whales - Mother Nature Network

What is it like to study an animal without ever having seen a live specimen, in person or on video? Thus was the life of Natacha Aguilar de Soto, a marine biologist with the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and the University of La Laguna in the ...and more »