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Watch the first underwater video of this rare whale - Science Magazine

Captain Ahab may have never gotten the best of his, but scientists have finally caught their white whale—at least, on film. For years, the True's beaked whale (Mesoplodon mirus) has proved frustratingly elusive to marine biologists. For one, the rare ...and more »

Elusive Deep-Sea Whale Captured on Video for the First Time - Live Science

For the first time ever, scientists have captured video of one of the ocean's most mysterious creatures swimming underwater. The video reveals the True's beaked whale, a deep-diving cetacean whose sightings are so rare that many researchers who study ...and more »

Here's the first video of one of the planet's most elusive beaked whales - Popular Science

First underwater image of True's beaked whales. They're either adults or close to adults (think late teens). Roland Edler. In July 1912, a whale showed up on the shores of Bird Island Shoal near North Carolina's Shackleford Banks. It was, by all ...and more »

Scientists capture first footage of rare True's beaked whales - Mother Nature Network

What is it like to study an animal without ever having seen a live specimen, in person or on video? Thus was the life of Natacha Aguilar de Soto, a marine biologist with the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and the University of La Laguna in the ...and more »

Caught on film for the first time: One of the world's rarest whales - Washington Post

Natacha Aguilar de Soto has studied beaked whales for 15 years. She has spent dozens of months at sea, floating above the deepest parts of the ocean, straining her eyes and ears to detect whatever might be moving in the fathoms below. She rarely finds ...and more »

First-ever underwater video of the elusive True's beaked whale - New Scientist

By Chelsea Whyte. The sighting of a rare True's beaked whale came literally out of the blue, and it's been captured on video. The first underwater footage of this elusive mammal was recorded in the deep coastal waters of the Azores and shows three of ...and more »

Rare beaked whale filmed underwater for the first time -

True's beaked whales are notoriously elusive. Like other beaked whales, they dive deep into oceans for prolonged periods of time, and surface only for short breathing intervals, making them very difficult to study. So far, only a handful of live ...and more »

Watch the First-Ever Underwater Footage of an Elusive Whale - Slate Magazine

Even as astronomers peer deeper into space for signs of life on the rapidly expanding catalog of exoplanets, there are still myriad understudied forms of life in the depths of our own planet. There are air-breathing mammals in the sea that we know less ...and more »

WATCH: The first underwater footage of rare beaked whales - Business Insider Australia

Researchers have for the first time filmed rare True's beaked whales underwater. The deep-diving mammal is so rarely seen that researchers devoting their life to study whales have never seen a True's beaked whale. The latest study, published in the ...and more »

This Is Our First Footage of One of the Most Elusive Whales on Earth - Gizmodo

Sightings of True's beaked whales are so rare that even the most devoted whale expert can go an entire career without ever seeing one in the wild. Researchers working near the Azores are now the first to ever capture underwater footage of these aquatic ...and more »