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Kathy Griffin: CNN drops comic after 'sick' Trump stunt - POST-COURIER

US broadcaster CNN has ditched a comedienne from its New Year programme after she posed with a fake decapitated head of President Donald Trump. June 1, 2017. Story and Picture Courtesy of CNN. US broadcaster CNN has ditched a comedienne from ...and more »

Kathy Griffin bloody Trump pic defended by photographer -

UPDATE: Kathy Griffin has apologized for the gory image she created with photographer Tyler Shields depicting her holding a facsimile of Donald Trump's decapitated head. “I sincerely apologize,” she said in a video posted to social media Tuesday evening.and more »

Funny How Trump Was Cool With Ted Nugent Joking About Killing The President - HuffPost

President Donald Trump, along with many others, was understandably disgusted this week by a photo of Kathy Griffin in which she is seen holding a prop resembling a bloodied and beheaded version of the president's head. Early Wednesday morning, Trump ...and more »

Mitt Romney, Squatty Potty respond to Kathy Griffin's 'beheaded Trump' gag - Deseret News

Controversy surrounding comedian Kathy Griffin will shortly impact Utah. Griffin made headlines Monday after she posted a gory photo of herself with a bloody imitation of a beheaded President Donald Trump, according to The Los Angeles Times.and more »

Kathy Griffin apologizes after posting video of bloody Trump head - The Boston Globe

Warning: This article contains sensitive visuals. Comedian Kathy Griffin posted a video apology Tuesday after she earlier posted a video of herself holding up a bloody faux-head of President Donald Trump, a move that immediately sparked criticism and ...and more »

Kathy Griffin Apologizes for Donald Trump Beheading Photo: 'I Went Way Too Far' -

Kathy Griffin is acknowledging that she “crossed the line” by posing for a photo with a replica of President Donald Trump's bloodied, decapitated head in her hand. “I'm a comic. I crossed the line, I moved the line and then I crossed the line,” the ...and more »

CNN Has Cut Ties with Kathy Griffin After Video Depicting Her Holding President Donald Trump's Severed Head -

NEW YORK (AP) — CNN has cut ties with Kathy Griffin after video depicting her holding President Donald Trump's severed head. Feedback. Author: Associated Press. Published:31 May 2017. More From Associated Press Medical. NIH Ends ...and more »

'I went way too far': Kathy Griffin apologizes for Trump 'beheaded' photos - USA TODAY

Kathy Griffin, who has never been shy about provoking people with her comedy, is now abjectly apologizing for being photographed holding a mock "decapitated" head of Donald Trump. After her many critics, on the right and the left, responded with ...and more »

CNN fires Kathy Griffin after fallout from bloody, severed head of President Trump - KHQ Right Now

UPDATE: CNN has cut ties with Kathy Griffin NEW YORK (AP) - CNN says it has cut ties with Kathy Griffin after she posted a video that showed her holding a likeness of President Donald Trump's severed head. The network says it has terminated its ...and more »

Kathy Griffin apologises for photo shoot with bloodied Trump mask, says she 'went too far' - The Independent

Kathy Griffin has issued an apology for posing alongside a bloodied replica of Donald Trump's head, in a shoot with famed photographer Tyler Shields. The image was first published by TMZ; the gruesome shot - which seemed to evoke terrorist beheadings ...and more »