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Donald Trump wiretapping row: Did Obama order surveillance, and what are the facts? -

Early on Saturday morning, Donald Trump dropped a bombshell. Even by his own warped yardstick it was an extraordinary claim. In three tweets he accused his predecessor, Barack Obama, of tapping his phones during last year's presidential election. Then ...and more »

Barack Obama appears untroubled as his intelligence chief 'absolutely denies' Donald Trump was wiretapped -

In the murky world of intelligence there are many shades of grey, but in this case the denial could hardly have been more emphatic. Barack Obama's former director of national intelligence was crystal clear that the FBI had never been given a secret ...and more »

Did Donald Trump's accusations of Barack Obama 'wiretapping' stem from news report by Louise Mensch? -

Early on Saturday morning President Donald Trump launched a Twitter tirade against his predecessor Barack Obama, accusing him of having ordered wire tapping at Trump Tower in New York. Amid speculation over the origin of the allegations it emerged that ...and more »

'Furious' Donald Trump alleges 'wire-tapping' by Barack Obama as Congress agrees to investigate claim of Watergate ... -

Donald Trump escalated his war with Barack Obama as a committee in Congress agreed to look into his claims that the former president and his administration abused executive powers in last year's election. Latest news: Trump does not believe the FBI ...and more »

Barack Obama ally attacks 'liar' Donald Trump over 'simply false' wire tapping claims -

Trump made the accusation in a series of tweets, without citing evidence, just weeks into his administration and amid rising scrutiny of his campaign's ties to Russia. "Neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on ...and more »

If the Feds Did Wiretap Trump Tower, It's Not Obama Who Should Worry - WIRED

Early Saturday morning, President Trump fired off a series of tweets accusing, without evidence, former President Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower in the month before the election. Trump compared the alleged snooping to “Nixon/Watergate,” and ...and more »

Rumblings of a 'Deep State' Undermining Trump? It Was Once a Foreign Concept - New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Trump's allegations that former President Barack Obama tapped his phone and his assertions that the bureaucracy is leaking secrets to discredit him are the latest signs of a White House preoccupation with a “deep state” working ...and more »

Trump and Democratic Smokescreens - Newsmax

When I woke up Sunday, I thought the morning news shows would all be talking about the unusual, perhaps dangerous, decision of the Obama administration to wiretap the offices of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. I've been watching Chuck Todd's ...and more »

Trump, Offering No Evidence, Says Obama Tapped His Phones - New York Times

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — President Trump on Saturday accused former President Barack Obama of tapping his phones at Trump Tower the month before the election, leveling the explosive allegation without offering any evidence. Mr. Trump called his ...and more »

Inside Trump's fury: The president rages at leaks, setbacks and accusations - Washington Post

President Trump spent the weekend at “the winter White House,” Mar-a-Lago, the secluded Florida castle where he is king. The sun sparkles off the glistening lawn and warms the russet clay Spanish tiles, and the steaks are cooked just how he likes them ...and more »