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The British media's progressives are coming round to Scottish independence - The Conversation UK

As Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon had their Brexit stand-off in Glasgow on Monday March 27 ahead of the Scottish parliament voting in favour of a second independence referendum, Richard Dawkins stepped into the fray – on the side of the Scottish first ...and more »

Scottish parliament backs call for new independence referendum - Xinhua

LONDON, March 28 (Xinhua) -- Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon won a major victory Tuesday in her demand for a new Scottish referendum. Her governing Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), supported by Green Party members of the Scottish Parliament ...and more »

Scottish lawmakers back call for independence vote - CNN

(CNN) Scottish lawmakers voted 69-59 in favor of an independence referendum Tuesday, setting Edinburgh on a collision course with the UK government. The vote by members of the Scottish Parliament gives the green light to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon ...and more »

May cannot now preach to Scotland about self-determination - The Guardian

The prime minister has hailed Brexit as an exercise in autonomy. To prevent Scotland from seeking the same would be indefensible. Wed 29 Mar 2017 11.22 EDT Last modified on Wed 14 Feb 2018 10.43 EST. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter · Share via ...and more »

IndyRef2: Nicola Sturgeon planning 'endless' independence campaign after she wins Holyrood referendum vote -

David Mundell, the Scottish Secretary, ruled out any referendum until 2020 at the earliest and for as long as 2023 by stating that negotiations could not even start until after Brexit is completed. But Ms Sturgeon announced she will make a “formal ...and more »

Scotland makes official bid for new independence vote - Deutsche Welle

Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon has petitioned Prime Minister May for a new referendum as soon as possible. As the Brexit process begins, Scots are seeking a way to remain in the European Union. Schottland, Erste Ministerin Nicola Sturgeon (Reuters/A ...and more »

PM receives Sturgeon's letter demanding second Scottish independence referendum - Sky News

The First Minister says there is "no rational reason" for the PM to "stand in the way of the will of the Scottish Parliament". 14:57, UK, Friday 31 March 2017. Nicola Sturgeon has written to Theresa May encouraging her to heed the will of the Scottish ...and more »

Scottish Parliament Backs Second Independence Referendum As Article 50 Looms - Huffington Post UK

The Scottish Parliament has backed a second independence referendum, as Westminster reiterated its refusal to negotiate on allowing one. Theresa May has rejected Nicola Sturgeon's plan for another referendum as Brexit is negotiated but MSPs backed one ...and more »

Scottish parliament votes for second independence referendum - The Guardian

Nicola Sturgeon has won a key Holyrood vote on her plans for a second independence referendum, triggering accusations from UK ministers that her demands are premature. Sturgeon won by a 10-vote majority after the Scottish Greens backed her proposals to ...and more »

After Brexit, Scotland Lays a Path to Another Independence Vote - New York Times

EDINBURGH — Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's formidable first minister, knows how to play the long game. Now 46, she served loyally for a decade as deputy to Alex Salmond, both in the Scottish National Party and later in government, before becoming ...and more »